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The Community of Madrid tells the unions that it will reopen all Primary Care emergencies but does not set a date

There is still no date to indicate on the map, but the Health Department of the Community of Madrid has transferred to the unions its commitment to reopen the 37 Primary Care Emergency Services (SUAP) that it closed due to the pandemic. For the moment, the decision does not alter the plans of the regional Executive to reopen after the summer a dozen of them with medical personnel and another seven nursing staff, but it does represent a change in the strategy that it announced on June 21, after months discrediting these resources when considering that they mainly covered long-term care.

Primary Care emergencies closed by Ayuso

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The CCOO, UGT, CSIT Professional Union, Satse and Amytsse unions have met this Wednesday with the General Directorate of Human Resources of the Ministry in the Health Sector Board. According to a report by Amyts, the majority in the Community, the administration would have reported that “it continues with the process of reordering troops for 10 PACs -as the SUAPs have been renamed- and 7 with infirmary, but finally it is going to go to the opening of the 37 old SUAPs”.

The Ministry announced in June that these 17 resources would be reopened after the summer, after more than two years closed. Now, the Community has moved to the unions that it hopes to do so on October 1. For this, the forecast is to open the registration period until the first week of September so that professionals who want to work in these centers can attend.

The rest of the services, for the moment, will have to wait. “We have to find a formula to staff them and also keep them,” the union says in a report. That is, there is no scheduled date.

Despite the fact that both the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, and the President of the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, have repeated on several occasions that these services, which worked until March 2020 when the health centers stopped providing their ordinary service , holidays and weekends, covered delayed attention, sometimes with data that contradicted the official figures, the Executive changed its speech a few days after announcing that not all of them would be reopened nor would they do so under the same conditions.

“Policy of lurches”

With the opposition harshly criticizing the measure and citizen protests at the doors of health centers throughout the Community, Ayuso assured on June 30 that “all SUAPs will be reopened” as soon as they have the “possibility”. A horizon for which there was no date then or now, the difference is that that same week the Ministry had met with the sectoral table and had not conveyed its intention to reopen them, which he has done now. In that meeting, the unions got up from the table before what they considered impositions of the council.

From the Amyts union they value “positively the change of course” although they foresee “”difficulties for its fulfillment. Specifically, they demand a negotiated emergency plan and out-of-hospital emergencies and improvements for SUMMA 112 workers in the face of a lack of troops.

“We welcome this measure in a positive way, especially because of the change and because the Ministry has listened to the population and professionals, but also a little worried, because it seems to us that this lurching policy does not help what would really be necessary. , which is a negotiation and an approach to an out-of-hospital emergency plan for the Community of Madrid, which has been pending and obsolete for a long time. To know where we want to go, we have to know where we are starting from and what we want to transmit to the population and how to make use of the health system”, said the general secretary of the union, Ángela Hernández.

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