Saturday, November 26

The Community of Madrid, that macro farm of corruption

Poor corrupt politicians, how hard is their life in the Community of Madrid. There are and have been so many, of such varied coats, gentlemen and ladies, young and mature, stupid and smart, coarse and educated, dozens and dozens over the course of a few years, just since Esperanza Aguirre created that enormous macro-farm of corruption that It is the Community of Madrid with that notorious baptism that was called the tamayazo. Since then, their tender creatures have had to live crowded together, coming to grips with their neighbor to even reach a few drops of the public udder that gave them sustenance, out of so many.

Because at the end of the day, as has already shown and continues to show, it all comes down to which brother, father, close relative or distant cousin, beach neighbor or friend from the town on vacation earned as much or how much, that not even so they are not even able to know what they have taken for the butxaca, that the operation, due to its repetition, should not be easy to do even with the phone’s calculator. 300,000, says one? 55,000, says the other? Who was figurehead for whom? Let each other spend their last hours lying what they want, but things are going to get serious, very serious, because justice has already entered the rag, with its prosecutors and judicial police with scalpel in hand. Pay attention to the holy company, that from now on everything they say can be used against them.

It is really embarrassing to be a citizen of this Community and have to live, once again, the deplorable spectacle of seeing how the politicians who represent us -some more, others less- fight with clubs, and this battle that we live between Married and Ayuso, García Egea and Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, is to the death and without taking prisoners, due to many political or ideological differences that they want to show off, just to show off, but that basically boils down to something very close to delinquency or , at least, to the absolute unworthiness and lack of ethics. Profit from masks in the middle of the pandemic, with citizens dying like flies? What do we care about the Party Congress. What is important is what is important.

And it is that they briefly remember what the macro farm has given us: presidents, the important thing was not the creams, it was the nonexistent title, vice presidents, councilors always close to the president, mayors, regional deputies, councilors, in addition to the shows that they have offered us the parallel police, the Mortadelo and Filemón type spies or, and we are closing the list, which seems endless, the ghostly turncoats who laid the foundations for what would come later. Why are we surprised now, if we have been living in this sewer for years?

And that is what the current leaders of the PP have sucked, all of them young people raised at the breasts of Esperanza Aguirre and those veterans that we have mentioned. Corruption and Corruption. Look away. Accusing your partner, spying on him, tripping him up, throwing him off the cliff. Come on, the circus that we are seeing at this time, with the media of the wild right betting on their favorite horse -the one that has given them the most money, don’t be fooled, we all know each other here- and looking sideways at the opposite , it is not going to be that in the end whoever we do not want wins and we are left without a beach bar.

Who will lose this bloody and fratricidal war, we all wonder. It is early to tell, but if we citizens had a minimum of decorum and decency, we would not hesitate to know what should happen. From the outset, the first loser must be the one with the long hands. He that, or that, to the street or to jail if necessary. And behind, down the same alley, the boss who had known about it for months and remained silent as a dead man. Like a dead mobster, to be more exact.