Monday, August 8

The company Facebook is now renamed Meta | Digital Trends Spanish

As anticipated, Facebook changes its name. From now on, as reported by Mark Zuckerberg, the company will be renamed Goal.

The announcement was made during the Facebook Connect virtual event and is a way to mark the path to the metaverse.

Facebook Connect

During the day, Mark Zuckerberg spoke about the future of the company and the metaverse, focused on offering virtual interaction where people can play, work, shop and exercise.

To meet this end, the company has presented Horizon, it is an interaction platform focused on virtual reality.

Thus, users will be able to access it through Oculus Quest, having the possibility of entering Horizon Home (for consumers’ virtual reality); Horizon Workrooms (for corporate VR); Horizon Worlds (Facebook’s VR space) and Horizon Venues (which will allow you to “attend” shows through VR).

News in development …

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