Sunday, December 10

The company for which Ayuso’s ex-boyfriend works multiplies its turnover with the Community: from 3,000 euros to half a million

The company for which the ex-partner of the president of the Community of Madrid, Jairo Alonso, works as chief of operations, since last November –according to his own account on the professional social network Linkedin– has gone from invoicing from regional administration just over 3,000 euros in the previous years of the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to more than 500,000 euros since the arrival of the Madrid president at Puerta del Sol, as has published this Tuesday the Plural and has been able to check

Jairo Alonso is a hairdressing entrepreneur with no known experience with this computer sector, such as Asseco, he started working for the company last November. The CEO of the company, the young José Antonio Pinilla, has assured that the company develops technological solutions for the health sector.

In fact, one of the most important contracts that this company has won since Isabel Díaz Ayuso presides over the regional government was in November 2020 for the public hospital October 12 worth 103,588.04 euros, a contest in which three offers, including that of Asseco for the acquisition of “All in one touch devices for the Hospital 12 De octubre”.

The other major contract was awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism directed by the former leader of Ciudadanos Marta Rivera de la Cruz for a value of 189,944.48 euros. The contract, which was processed by public tender, fell to Asseco and the UTE Alcandora Publicidad SL on January 13, 2021 and its purpose was the management of digital marketing for the tourist promotion of the Community of Madrid, something for which Asseco did not has previous experience.

In addition to these two awards processed by public tender, the company adds another forty awards, all of them hand-picked as they are minor contracts. The largest amounts come again from the Ministry of Tourism