Tuesday, July 27

The company that evicted a family in Vallecas puts its apartment up for sale just a few hours later

Not a day after the eviction of a woman with her four children in an apartment in Vallecas, has the announcement of the apartment in question for sale appeared on the Idealista real estate portal. After a few minutes, and after the criticisms that have appeared on social networks, the ad has been deactivated from the portal for the sale and rental of houses. In the images of this advertisement you could still see the children’s drawings on the walls as well as some of the toys that were not taken. The ad offered the apartment, a 70-meter low and three rooms, for 134,000 euros.

“Do you remember the girl who was evicted yesterday?” Iñigo Errejón asked, sharing a screenshot with the ad. “They have not taken a day to put it up for sale. What a shame ”, criticized the politician from Más País.

The deputy of Podemos in the Madrid Assembly, Alejandra Jacinto, has also criticized the situation on her social networks. “The apartment from which Manuela and her four children were evicted yesterday is now in Idealista. What infamy ”.

This house in Vallecas had been the home of this family for the last seven years. The police arrived around 6:00 a.m. and closed the access to the street with vans. Later, the agents were pulling those present from the floor one by one. Then the furniture: a mattress, a stroller, toys. Finally, Manuela and the girl. It took just an hour.

On the fourth attempt, the eviction took place. The apartment in question is owned by Arguijo, a limited company that acquired the property from Bankia. This entity has just been absorbed by CaixaBank.


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