Monday, January 17

The Comptroller’s Office asks the AIG to account for duplication of the Digital Voucher

The Comptroller General of the Republic met with executives of the National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG) to request a rendering of accounts, as a result of the statement issued by that entity in relation to the duplication of the Digital Voucher of December 14, 2021 to the beneficiaries of the Panama Solidarity Plan

Jorge Luis Quijada, Director of General Audit of the Comptroller’s Office, who heads the coordination team for the Accountability process, listed in the meeting a series of requirements through a letter that was delivered in response to the provisions of Law 32 of November 8 of 1984 of the “Regulation of Surrender, Examination and Settlement of Accounts of Management Employees” to the General administrator of the AIG, Luis Oliva, for your due discharge.

Quijada stated that, apart from the control work by the Comptroller, it is also responsible for the prevention, evaluation and mitigation of risk of a flagship program such as the Digital Vale; Therefore, this first approach seeks to collect accurate information about what happened, both responsible and affected beneficiaries, among other requests, that allow to diagnose, advise and design joint plans to avoid this type of failure again.

The Digital Voucher of the Panama Solidarity Plan seeks to offer basic financial support of $ 120.00 per month to people who have been negatively affected in the economic sphere due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

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