Friday, August 12

The comuns ask the Parliament to rule on whether Dalmases violated the code of conduct by scolding a journalist

The intimidation of the deputy of Junts Francesc de Dalmases to a journalist for the questions made in the program ‘FAQS’ to the president of the Parlament, Laura Borràs, is on the way to provoking two internal investigations, one on TV3 and another in the Parlament. This has been requested by the parliamentary group of En Comú Podem following the news published by and Nació Digital.

TV3 opens an investigation for the anger of a Junts deputy to a journalist after an interview with Borràs

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Specifically, the comuns have asked the Table to commission a report from the deputy’s statute commission to analyze whether Dalmases violated two articles of the Chamber’s code of conduct that oblige parliamentarians to maintain “respectful conduct” with the rest elected officials and citizens and to “preserve the dignity of the institution” in its relations with the media.

The spokesman for the comuns, David Cid, has charged against Dalmases, whom he has accused of asking for “fictitious apologies” for the deputy’s tweet in which he apologized “if someone has felt offended” by his behavior on TV3. The CUP has directly requested the resignation of Dalmases. “The facts denounced are intolerable”, defended the cupaire deputy Xavier Pellicer.

The performance of the deputy from Junts has even starred in part of the Govern’s weekly press conference. The spokeswoman for the Executive, Patrícia Plaja, has considered it “essential” to clarify Dalmases’ actions with the journalist after the interview with Borràs

Dalmases grabbed a journalist by the wrist and rebuked her in a room before Borràs and two other members of his team as a result of the interview, in addition to disqualifying her such as “this program is shit” or “you are a bad journalist”.

Plaja recalled that the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation (CCMA) has commissioned a report from TV3 to find out what happened in the discussion and urges us to wait to “see the results” as well as other reports such as the one announced by the Grup de Journalists Ramon Barnils, entity of which Dalmases is a partner.

Asked if she thinks Dalmases should resign or if Junts has to take action after these events, Plaja replied that she should not go into “what a party has to do or not do” and insisted on the Government’s commitment to freedom of press.

“The Government will always defend freedom of the press and that all journalists can exercise it without pressure and can talk about what they think they should talk about, and can ask what they consider in an interview or press conference format,” he settled.

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