Sunday, March 26

The comuns get the support of ERC to investigate sexual abuse in the Church from the Parliament

In Comú Podem, he presented last October a proposal in Parliament to open an investigation commission on sexual abuse in the Church. At that time the group’s initiative fell on deaf ears but four months later and in light of the recent cases that appeared in the La Salle de Premià de Mar school, ERC has joined the proposal to carry out the investigation. As you have progressed The newspaper and this newspaper has confirmed, both groups will present a specific proposal next week in Parliament, with the aim of opening their own path in parallel to the investigations that the Ombudsman may follow at the state level.

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The initiative negotiated by the ERC and the comuns is in the preliminary phase, but it has the vocation to go beyond the parliamentary commission itself, since it would also involve the Síndica de Greuges (the Catalan ombudsman) and even the Government itself, to the extent that some of the institutions that should be subject to review are educational and were part of the concerted network of the Generalitat. However, the parties are in the drafting phase that they will take to the Chamber and that will need the support of other groups to be approved.

The investigation commission in the Catalan sphere is one of the claims of the writer Alejandro Palomas, a victim of sexual abuse in a La Salle school during his childhood. In an interview on Catalunya Ràdio, and after revealed numerous victims of his own rapist, brother Jesús Linares, the Barcelona novelist advanced his intention to forward this request to the president of the Government, Pere Aragonès, at a future meeting.

Parallel to this initiative, last week the PSOE gathered support for the Ombudsman to open an investigation into sexual abuse committed within the Catholic Church. United We Can, Bildu and ERC presented their own proposal for the creation of an investigation commission in Congress, while the PNV registered a non-law proposal for a group of experts to investigate the abuses. Despite the different initiatives that were presented to Congress, finally the socialist proposal will be able to count on the approval of the parliamentary majority necessary to carry it out, so it is expected that the Ombudsman will begin his investigation.