Tuesday, March 28

The comuns transfer to ERC that they will withdraw their support in Catalonia if they reject the labor reform

Until now, Comú Podem has been an important ally for ERC in Parliament, to the point that the last two budgets have gone ahead with their votes. But that could change. The comuns have warned President Pere Aragonès and his supporters in recent days that their parliamentary support will decline if the Republicans do not help the decree law with the new labor reform, which is voted on Thursday in Congress, to go ahead. As you have progressed The vanguard and elDiario.es has confirmed, Jéssica Albiach’s group has conveyed that a negative vote “will have consequences” in Catalonia.

The warning comes after last week the Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, went to Barcelona to show her closeness to the majority unions, CCOO and UGT, and also met with the Minister of Labor, Roger Torrent. After several days of diffuse pressure towards ERC, from the En Comú Podem group they have been very clear in the last hours transferring the importance that the new labor reform has for them. Not only that it go ahead, but that it do so with the sum of the investiture, that is, with the 13 votes of Esquerra. If this is not the case, Albiach’s group in the Catalan Chamber will no longer consider itself a member of the Government, so Aragonès will have to go back to seek the rocky support of the CUP.

In the Government they assume since last Monday that they will be able to obtain enough votes to approve the decree law gathering the support of Citizens and other minority groups, and despite the fact that ERC, the PNV or EH Bildu have dropped. However, this was not Diaz’s plan, who hoped that his star project in this legislature would not depend on the formations of the right. The vice president exhibits the advances that the new norm will mean for workers who chain temporary contracts or for those who are subject to subcontractors with salaries below their current agreements, conditions that will now change.

The Republicans have not been softened by these arguments or by the threat of losing the support of the eight deputies of the comuns in Catalonia. Neither is the pressure exerted by the majority union centrals in Catalonia and, at the same time, by Foment, the main Catalan employers’ association that may have a decisive weight in decanting that the four votes of the PDeCAT end up on the side of the labor reform.

“Someone has overstepped the brakes,” ERC deputy Gabriel Rufián assured this Wednesday, referring to Yolanda Díaz and her people. “ERC has not accepted tragalas”, he added, and remarked that “whoever believed that he would present us with something and we would sign it as if it were the tablets of Moses was wrong”. Rufián has also complained that there has not been a reform on the content of the norm. This Wednesday the Congress will begin the debate on the royal decree law, which does not allow amendments, and will finally be voted on this Thursday.