Friday, December 3

The Conep assures that Panama could see fruits of economic reactivation in 2022

The spokesperson for National Council of Private Enterprise (Conep) Antonio Fletcher, ensures that, if Panama manages to activate its economy in a comprehensive way in the remainder of the year, it could have a recovery and reach a Gross domestic product (GDP) similar to that of 2019 in 2022.

Fletcher highlighted that one of the sectors most affected in its performance by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) in Panama is tourism, so it is committed to a structured policy to continue activating this activity and recover lost jobs, as in other sectors of the economy

He explained that for this the High Level Public-Private Commission for Economic Reactivation of the country, drew up a roadmap for the execution, monitoring and follow-up of the second phase of this economic reactivation plan.

In the second phase of economic reactivation, seven working groups were established around the sectors of Energy, Financial, Industrial, Construction, Agricultural Tourism and Transversal.

The team will be made up of 14 members, seven from the public sector and an equal number of members from the private sector.

“The objectives of these roundtables is to ensure the implementation of the proposals that were agreed upon, to maintain the economic openness of the country and to continue working together to get out of the situation we are in and keep the largest number of jobs,” explained Fletcher.

Some of the consensual proposals are: The digitization of the formalities and processes of the industry and construction; promote the culture of consumption of national production; the promotion of the purchase of national products by the Government under the seal “Made in panama”And reactivate the livestock traceability program.

In the tourism sector, they propose to undertake a domestic tourism consumption campaign and reactivate the demand of international travelers with duly endorsed proposals, through the Tourism Promotion Fund (Promtur).

In the financial aspect, they consider it necessary to strengthen the strategies so that the country can get out of the discriminatory lists. Regarding the construction sector, Commission agreed that it is necessary to eliminate some municipal rates that are not uniform in all municipalities.

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