Wednesday, December 7

The congress of reference for the ultra-Catholic lobbies begins with Tamara Falcó at the head of the Spanish delegation

This Friday starts a new edition of the World Congress of Families. On this occasion, this event, which has become a reference meeting for the international ultra-Catholic movement, will be held in Mexico and will feature Tamara Falcó and the president of HazteOir, Ignacio Arsuaga, as the most relevant representatives of the Spanish delegation.

Tamara Falcó will participate together with the leader of HazteOir in the reference congress of the ultra-Catholic movement

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With a less political profile than in previous years, this meeting is presented as an event to “affirm, celebrate and strengthen the family as the fundamental and natural environment key to the flourishing of mature individuals and sustainable societies.” On this occasion, no leader of far right formations appears in the program of speakers, unlike previous editions in which the former Italian minister Matteo Salvini has participated; the president of the Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d’Italia) and winner of the last national elections, Giorgia Meloni; and the hungarian prime minister Victor Orbán.

The program begins this Friday and will end on Sunday. ‘Strong families, sustainable societies’, ‘accompanying families in the company’ and ‘family life’ are some of the titles of the talks that will be given.

Arsuaga, a regular at the event

Ignacio Arsuaga, president of HazteOir, will participate this Friday with a conference on ‘the importance of civic participation’. This Spanish lobbyist is a regular at this event. He has become one of the most relevant actors in the international ‘anti-gender’ movement, with campaigns against the abortion law and LGBTI rights. His organization is behind the bus that toured Madrid with the transphobic message “boys have a penis and girls have a vulva.” In fact, the international brand of his organization, CitizenGo, is one of the convening groups of the World Congress of Families.

In his speech in the edition that was held in Verona in 2019, Arsuaga assured that “the natural family is being attacked all over the world.” Therefore, to avoid this situation, he encouraged the attendees to pray. “Pray for the natural family, pray for our families. Trust in God and in divine Providence.” he asserted. And he sentenced: “God willing, we will win the cultural battle sooner rather than later.”

The other name leading the Spanish delegation is that of the aristocrat and influencer Tamara Falcó, as reported by The daughter of Isabel Preysler and the Marquis of Griñón, the late Carlos Falcó, makes her debut in this type of ultra-Catholic international meetings. After a busy week in which she has grabbed the headlines not only from the press of the heart Due to the breakup with her former partner Íñigo Onieva, the presence of the Marchioness of Griñón this Saturday at the World Congress of Families continues. From her representative agency they have assured this Friday morning that, “in principle, Falcó’s attendance at the event is maintained.”

Falcó will talk about family and entertainment

The influencer will be present this Saturday in two panels. Figure your presence in the program for young people. Between get-togethers and conferences –titled “Is it love or fever?” or “I was born for love and I am capable of love” – the participants will also have a “conversation” with Falcó. Later he will talk about ‘family and entertainment’, there he will speak together with the filmmaker Juan Manuel Cotelo, the actor Eduardo Verástegui and Neal Harmon, whom they describe as the founder of “a streaming platform that allows filtering of unwanted content, such as graphic violence, use of inappropriate language and sexual scenes.”

Along with Arsuaga, Falcó and Cotelo, the Spaniards who have also confirmed their attendance are Tomás Melendo, who presents himself as a doctor of Philosophy and Educational Sciences; the priest William Serra; psychiatrist Enrique Rojas and José Miguel Cubillo, former president of the Federation for Family Development in Spain.

This event is the great meeting point for ultra-Catholic organizations. Some groups, like Human Rights Campaign, have warned that this congress – in which dozens of organizations meet – is one of the “most influential” in the “export of hate”. In an interview with in 2019, the professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at the Free University of Brussels (ULB), David Paternotte, explained that this summit helps the participating organizations to “define the agenda”.