Wednesday, February 1

The conservatives of the Judiciary request an urgent plenary session to circumvent the reform on the renewal of the Constitutional

Nine members of the conservative sector of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) in office have requested this Friday the holding of an extraordinary plenary session with a single point on the agenda: the appointment of the magistrates of the Constitutional Court that corresponds to appoint the body of government of the judges and that accumulates three months of delay.

PP and Vox announce appeals before the Constitutional against the legislative changes announced by the Government

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The petition comes after it was made public that the parties that support the Government are promoting a legal change —advanced by— to modify the three-fifths majority that the CGPJ must add in the election of the two Constitutional magistrates that correspond to it. From now on, a simple majority will suffice, according to one of the amendments to the reform of the Penal Code that is being processed in Congress presented by PSOE and Unidas Podemos.

The members who sign this petition are Gerardo Martínez Tristán, José María Macías, José Antonio Ballestero, Nuria Díaz Abad, Juan Manuel Fernández, Juan Martínez Moya, Carmen Llombart, María Ángeles Carmona and Wenceslao Olea. They are the nine judges and jurists elected at the time at the proposal of the PP who during the last three months have blocked these appointments with a battery of excuses. In three months of frustrated negotiations, they have not even formally put names on the table, while they question the candidate that the progressives have agreed upon, Supreme Court judge José Manuel Bandrés.

The regulation of the CGPJ establishes that it is enough for the president to decide or five members to request it so that a plenary session must be called within three days of the request.