Monday, October 18

The Constitutional Court also rejects the closure of Congress and the Senate at the beginning of the pandemic

The Constitutional Court has decided to annul the suspension of the activity of the Congress and the Senate decreed in the first weeks of the state of alarm in 2020. According to the newspaper The country, the judges have decided to support the Vox appeal with six votes in favor and four against. As revealed by, the far-right party appealed the measure after requesting by letter to the president of the lower house, Meritxell Batet, to annul the congressional agenda.

Vox asked Batet by letter to annul the agenda of Congress for COVID and then appealed the paralysis to the Constitutional

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It is a new judicial victory for Vox to now resort to government measures related to the fight against the first and devastating wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in our country. Last July, the same plenary session accepted an appeal from the far-right formation and declared unconstitutional measures such as strict confinement, understanding that they had been taken under the umbrella of an insufficient state of alarm. A ruling that was not unanimous and that considered that the executive should have opted for the state of exception.

In that case, Vox also appealed a measure that it had previously supported with its votes in Congress. The judges of the court of guarantees still have more issues related to the pandemic to be resolved, also raised through Vox resources, such as the extension of the state of alarm.

The magistrates of the court of guarantees had planned to vote on this ruling in the September plenary session but a change of opinion by the rapporteur, Antonio Narváez, forced the decision to be delayed. He went from proposing a dismissal sentence to putting on the table an estimate of Vox’s appeal, today getting the support of six colleagues. One of the magistrates has not participated in the plenary session due to illness.

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