Sunday, May 22

The Constitutional Court refuses to integrate Teresa Rodríguez and eight other deputies to the Adelante Andalucía parliamentary group

There is no restitution of the seats for Teresa Rodríguez and the eight deputies who under the accusation of “turncoats” were expelled from the Adelante Andalucía parliamentary group on November 18 after the agreement of the Andalusian Parliament Board and at the request of IU. The Constitutional Court was therefore asked to act as arbitrator in the political conflict that confronted Podemos, IU and the Anticapitalistas for control of the Adelante Andalucía group and, while the case was being resolved, restore their positions as Adelante deputies to the nine affected .

Adelante Andalucía loses half of its funding in Parliament after expelling Teresa Rodríguez and eight other deputies

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For the final ruling, we will have to wait but the Constitutional Court has denied “the suspension of the agreements of the Table of the Parliament of Andalusia” of November 18 and 25, 2020 that was requested in the appeal. So those of Rodríguez will continue as non-attached deputies waiting for a sentence that does not seem to come, as admitted by Constitutional sources, before the end of 2022.

The ruling comes after the allegations of the Prosecutor’s Office, the Parliament of Andalusia and the expelled deputies were known. And the legal mess comes from the political conflict between Podemos, Izquierda Unida (IU) and the Anticapitalistas for control of the Adelante Andalucía group.

A little over a month ago, the Constitutional Court admitted the appeal for protection of the nine Andalusian deputies. The judges then dismissed the extremely precautionary measures requested by the nine deputies – currently not attached – who requested their reinstatement in the Adelante group with immediate effect, and without hearing the parties; but they agreed to open a separate piece of precautionary measures to resolve a possible re-entry into their group, once the parties had been heard.

What implications does this step of the TC have? Apparently, everything remains as it was. The group, initially of 17 parliamentarians, now has eight inside and nine outside, and the conflict remains open. Paradoxically, Teresa Rodríguez will hold the Constituent Assembly of the Adelante Andalucía party this weekend. So in Parliament a parliamentary group is maintained under the Adelante Andalucía umbrella that represents IU and Podemos, while the party of the same name is constituted in the face of new regional elections without IU or Podemos.

The conflict

The expulsion of the woman from Cádiz, consummated on November 28, 2020, was the culmination of a long internal war between Podemos, IU and the Anticapitalistas for control of Adelante, after the electoral failure of 2018. The confluence achieved fewer votes and seats and He did not convince the PSOE as a left-wing alternative, seeing how the first Andalusian government of PP and Cs broke out with the support of Vox.

From there, Rodríguez leaves the leadership of Podemos Andalucía, reactivates his parent party -Anticapitalistas- to move it forward and, once inside, turns the political course of the coalition without the consensus of the IU: he rejects the Government between Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias – and by extension any alliance with the PSOE – and announces his own brand in all electoral processes, contesting the political space of United We Can.

All this generates a growing malaise within Adelante that ends with a complex maneuver in which the co-founding partners -Podemos and IU- promote the expulsion of Teresa Rodríguez from the parliamentary group, endorsed by the Chamber Board with support from the PSOE, Ciudadanos and Vox. The argument is an accusation of transfuguism under a new definition of the term turncoat, which has just been agreed in Congress by a large majority of parties

The new definition of turncoat that appears in that pact – when an elected position deviates from the political criteria of its formation – was the one used by the Bureau of Parliament to justify the expulsion of Teresa Rodríguez from her group, even before the pact anti-transfuguism was part of the House rules. Now even one of the signing parties, the Popular Party, has already abandoned it.