Wednesday, February 21

The Constitutional Court will study whether judges can force minors and the elderly to be vaccinated against COVID

The Constitutional Court will study whether a judge can compel children and the elderly to be vaccinated. The plenary session of the court of guarantees has admitted appeals for protection that, according to what it says, have been promoted “by elderly people and minors” against “the judicial decision to vaccinate them from Covid-19.”

The people who have appealed, says the Constitutional Court in a statement, understand that a vaccine that they consider “in the experimental phase” has to be something voluntary and the judicial decisions that forced them to be vaccinated “are contrary to the fundamental rights recognized not only in the Constitution, but also in international conventions and treaties.

The Constitutional Court admits these resources for processing because it understands that it does not have a doctrine on similar cases and because the case they have raised “transcends the specific case because it raises a legal issue of relevant and general social repercussion.”