Wednesday, December 8

The controversial surrogacy clinic BioTexCom offers discounts for Black Friday “to have a baby”

Having a child by surrogacy can be cheaper on Black Friday. The cynical BioTexCom, one of the main surrogacy companies in Ukraine and which is not without criticism and controversy both in that country and in others, including Spain, offers discounts for it on its website. As soon as you enter the portal, at the top right, a poster promotes it: “3% in any of the programs!”, Can be read in the advertisement, which informs that the offer will be available from 15 to November 26.

The controversial company has also announced the reduction on its social networks. In a Twitter thread, specify the different prices, while writing down the emails to contact and ‘encourage’ potential customers to participate. “Hurry to make your dream of having a baby come true!”

The surrogacy clinic has been investigated under the accusations of trafficking with organs or minors, fraud in fertilization or tax crimes or documentary falsification. These events led to its owner being under house arrest or the government of the country to withdraw his license to operate there in 2018.

It also caused surrogacy clinics in Spain to deny their services. Speaking to ABC, the Go4Baby representative said in 2019 that for a year they had been informing couples that it was no longer recommended – although it was previously recommended – and that some of its clients had even said themselves that they did not want to work with BioTexCom. Rented bellies are not allowed in Spain in light of Law 14/2006, of May 26, on assisted human reproduction techniques. But, although the practice cannot be carried out in our country, this type of agencies attract clients here and offer packages with different services and advice to people who want to access in countries where it is regulated.

The case that raised suspicions about the clinic occurred in 2011, when an Italian couple went to the registry to register their baby. Then they discovered that the boy did not have any kind of genetic relationship with his father, from whom the law in Ukraine requires at least his sperm. Also, surrogacy for foreigners was approved in the country in 2013 and this had happened two years earlier. That was one of more than a thousand events that, informs El Confidencial have been investigated at this clinic. In most of them, at least the illegality under Ukrainian law that the father did not provide his reproductive cells was committed.

In addition, in 2017, the Police intervened the clinic, from which they took the passports of the contracting couples, and kept it closed for a week. BioTexCom has also been accused of malpractice, in cases such as that of a pregnant woman who was infected with Hepatitis B when she became pregnant by insemination, instead of by implantation directly from the embryo. Also, on other occasions, they have been accused of implanting embryos from couples who ‘have left over’ from previous processes.

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