Monday, December 6

The coordinator of Citizens in Castilla y León now says that they would agree with the PSOE

The regional coordinator of Citizens in Castilla y León, Gemma Villarroel, has contradicted the spokesperson of the formation in the Cortes, David Castaño, who last week assured that before agreeing with the PSOE they would “douse themselves with napalm.” The party leader now assures that since their formation they are “open to negotiate with both formations” that promote “liberal agreements, that return cleanliness, that have modern practices, that seek progress and that adapt to the way of life of the century XXI “.

For this reason he has insisted on pacts that his formation has taken with popular or socialists in different administrations, which “are made in accordance with a negotiating table”, in which his part asks for “liberal proposals”. “I am very proud of all the agreements in which Ciudadanos is,” she pointed out.

Regarding the possible electoral advance, Villarroel has stated that “no one would understand” that elections were called “without a compelling or compelling reason” and has shown his confidence in reaching the end of the legislature with the current government, since “it is working well” .

“No one would understand why a government that works, a government that has a hundred-point agreement, that has committed itself to the Castilians and Leonese and that is working well, that is carrying out that agreement and that, in addition, is managing something that It has come unexpectedly to all of us, it has managed it in a general way. I think that very well, in a good way, it would not be understood why an electoral advance, an unnecessary expense for the Castilians and Leonese, without a compelling reason or weight, “he said.

“Of course we are not doing that,” said the regional coordinator of the liberal formation, who added that her party within the administration has “a lot of work ahead of it” and that it tries to “dedicate itself to what matters to the people. “.

Likewise, he has remarked that the president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, “has said actively and passively that his intention is to end the legislature”, and that the autonomous leader of the PP “is also in that line” Citizens of “work and responsibility”, referred to by Gemma Villarroel

As for whether she would be willing to lead the lists of the orange party in the case of going to the polls, she said: “I don’t want to speculate, or think about futures because a global pandemic has taught us to think a little more about it. present that in the future, and at that moment I will make the decisions “.

Subsequently, when asked if Ciudadanos does not yet have a candidate for these regional elections, Gemma Villarroel answered in Salamanca that “there are no elections in sight.”

On the other hand, with respect to the words of the attorney for Salamanca de Ciudadanos, David Castaño, last week, that, before a motion of censure, he would rather “sprinkle himself with napalm” rather than reach an agreement with the PSOE, Villarroel has stated that he does not like “to enter into such discussions” and has insisted that his formation within political activity is “a liberal, open party that can negotiate with both parties” and reach agreements.

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