Sunday, October 1

The corrupt judge Salvador Alba tells the Police that he is now a lawyer

Former judge Salvador Alba Mesa, sentenced to six and a half years in prison for prevarication, bribery and false documents, and pending to enter prison for more than 250 days, works as a lawyer in the office of a former leader of the Popular Party of the Canary Islands. At least that is what he has maintained at the Police Station of the National Police Corps of the Gran Canaria city of Telde, where he was summoned to give a statement within the framework of the file promoted as a result of the request for pardon filed by his wife, the lawyer of the Administration of Justice Teresa Lorenzo Establier.

The Judiciary rejects the last attempt by Salvador Alba to regain the status of judge

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Police sources have confirmed to this newspaper that Alba declared to the agent who interviewed him that he is now a lawyer after registering for the self-employed regime and that he works as such at Consortium Abogados, the firm headed by Jorge Alberto Rodríguez Pérez, who was a senator until 2019 and executive secretary and head of Studies and Programs of the Canarian PP until last May. Salvador Alba is not listed as a lawyer on the website of the Las Palmas Bar Association.

Jorge Rodríguez denied to this newspaper last April, when this information began to circulate unofficially, that Alba worked or collaborated with his office. However, by then the former political leader, who was José Manuel Soria’s right-hand man in the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council and later in the Canary Islands Parliament, was doing work for the corrupt judge.

Specifically, he appears as a lawyer in a sentence from the beginning of this year of the civil jurisdiction for a case related to alimony of the first son of the sentenced former judge. And more recently, Jorge Alberto Rodríguez appears signing a complaint for hatred, harassment, revelation of secrets and belonging to a criminal organization against the director of Canarias Ahora, Carlos Sosa, and other people.

Jorge Alberto Rodríguez accumulates an extensive political history also plagued by cases of corruption. As Councilor for Urban Planning of the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria under the mayoralty of José Manuel Soria, Rodríguez was forced to resign when it was discovered that he had irregularly benefited a close friend with public contracts.

In 2007 he resigned again, this time as parliamentary spokesman for the PP, when this newspaper published his active participation as the introducer of a national company in municipalities governed by the PP. The case led him to the bench for influence peddling, a crime for which he was acquitted by a court presided over by José Ramón Navarro Miranda, then president of the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands, in what was his last sentence before being appointed president of the National audience. The PP already ruled in Spain and José Manuel Soria was Minister of Industry.

As a result of this information from Canarias Ahora, Rodríguez sued for libel and slander against the director of the newspaper and another of its journalists, Alexis González, in a case that he managed to keep alive for two years thanks to the fact that his appeal against the archive admitted him in the Provincial Court of Las Palmas, precisely Salvador Alba Mesa. The complaint was finally filed.

More recently, Jorge Alberto Rodríguez was once again involved in another corruption case, also reported by this newspaper. He had presented his credentials to become a substitute magistrate of the TSJ of the Canary Islands, but in them he hid an important fact: that he had been a party to a case before that jurisdictional instance without the deadlines set by the regulations to stop having passed. be contaminated. Upon finding himself discovered, he voluntarily submitted his resignation.

His office colleague Salvador Alba Mesa, firmly sentenced to six years in prison and 18 years of disqualification by the Supreme Court in November 2021 for conspiring against Judge Victoria Rosell, current Government delegate against Gender Violence, continues to enjoy his freedom thanks to the battery of resources, recusals, writings alleging illnesses that prevent him from entering prison and other tricks that he has deployed before the court that launched the execution of his sentence last January. But in this case, his lawyer is Nicolás González-Cuéllar Serrano from Madrid, head lawyer for José Manuel Soria.

Alba was seen this Saturday on the Teldense beach of Salinetas in the company of his wife enjoying a splendid day. Both installed their folding chairs on the front line and spent the morning there, according to several users who photographed them.