Monday, December 6

The Council of Ministers approves the partial pardon for Juana Rivas

The Council of Ministers has approved granting a partial pardon to Juana Rivas, Maracena’s mother, convicted of not delivering her two children to her father for a month, convicted of mistreatment in 2009. Her sentence of two and a half years in prison, sources confirm of the executive, is reduced to half so that he will not have to continue serving the sentence in prison.

The Supreme Court rejects the total pardon to Juana Rivas but leaves the door open to a partial one

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Juana Rivas was sentenced to two and a half years in prison by the Supreme Court. The neighbor of Maracena (Granada) disappeared with her two minor children in the summer of 2017 so as not to hand them over to her father, Francesco Arcuri, convicted of abuse in 2009 and whom she then accused of sexist violence. At first the Andalusian courts imposed up to five years in prison but the Supreme Court chose to charge him with only one crime of child abduction.

His defense requested a pardon after his sentence was reduced. Both the Prosecutor’s Office and the Supreme Court itself opposed granting a total pardon but left the door open to a partial grace measure to prevent compliance behind bars. In the case of the Supreme Court, the judges were unable to adopt a unitary position.

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