Monday, August 8

The councilor for Vox asks the Valladolid City Council to paralyze equality courses in schools without knowing that they are taught by a high-ranking official appointed by his party

The only Vox councilor in the Valladolid City Council, Javier García Bartolomé, has requested this Monday in plenary the “immediate stoppage” of the equality workshops that are taught in public and concerted schools in the city. García Bartolomé was apparently unaware that the courses, financed by the Valladolid City Council, have been taught this year by the company Data Consulting, whose partner and manager, Javier Moreno Espeja, is a position appointed by Vox. Moreno Espeja has just been appointed vice president-manager of the Public Employment Service of Castilla y León (Ecyl), dependent on the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment of the Junta de Castilla y León in the hands of the far-right party. In fact, the mayor has been unable to speak when the spokesman for the Socialist Municipal Group, Pedro Herrero, has given him that information.

According to García Bartolomé, the courses mean that children and adolescents are “indoctrinated” “with the excuse of gender ideology and with the contents of feminist ideology and LGTBI lobbies, against the moral and ethical principles of the parents of minors”. The only Vox councilor in the Valladolid City Council has criticized that the current municipal government, as has been happening since 1993 (date of approval of the First Municipal Equality Plan), puts teaching “in external hands to the school or institutes” of these workshops in which, precisely this course, Moreno Espeja has actively participated, who has personally given some of those courses. His company, Data Consulting, is committed to equality plans and even promotes projects linked to the 2030 Agenda that Vox openly rejects. According to the councilor of Vox, those who teach these courses do not require more than “a high school degree or Vocational Training” while from the City Council they point out that the delivery of these workshops “is carried out through public contracting and in the specification itself it is specifies that the personnel who impart them must have accredited training in equal opportunities or prevention of gender violence.

“It has taken three years to realize that these courses existed,” Herrero replied. “It must seem very transgressive to you. Where is the sexual content?”, he asked while citing home responsibilities or the misuse of new technologies as content. “Do you need to lie to get votes, do you need a compliment workshop?”, He has questioned. Herrero has also reminded García Bartolomé that the company in charge of Vox is also in charge of preparing the equality plan of the Government of the Balearic Islands (PSOE-Podemos). “As you know, it is a dangerous social-communist government,” he added.

In defense of the interest aroused by the courses, the City Council has provided figures. Throughout this course, 313 requests have been received, 138 have been made by private or concerted centers (44.09%), while 175 have been made by public centers (55.91%). These workshops are voluntary and it is the educational centers that request which workshops they wish to teach in their center based on the needs or concerns they detect in their students. To date, no complaint or claim has been received from the educational centers in which a total of 5,449 students have been trained. The person in charge of intervening in the cases in which an incident has been registered is the Equality Agent of the Municipal Service for Equality, Youth and Children, with sufficiently accredited knowledge in the matter (more than 27 years of professional experience).

“Vox does not want boys and girls to be educated in the prevention of gender violence because they do not believe in equality between men and women. What they really want is for society to travel back in time and for us to return to the 1950s”, denounced the socialist spokesman, Pedro Herrero. The Municipal Socialist Group is aware that the City Council, although it has no competence in educational matters (except municipal nursery schools, adult education and maintenance of schools), it does have competence in equality policies. That is why it facilitates information and awareness towards the values ​​of equality between the sexes and the rejection of any type of violence against women, always as a collaboration and complement to what can be taught in educational centers and which should be taught as an integral part of the curriculum of the centres, this being a regional responsibility. These workshops are included in the City Council’s Educational Guide to which teachers, students, fathers, mothers and any citizen with an interest in the subject have access, as it is accessible on the website. Not only is the title published, but also their objectives and content, therefore, publicity and transparency “is absolute”, according to the government team.

“Vox’s attempt to paralyze these necessary workshops while waiting for a hypothetical implementation of the ‘parental pin’ is further proof that the far right in this city and in the rest of the country cares little or nothing about the truth. , nor the education of girls and boys in order to manipulate to sow irrational hatred with a clear and despicable involutionist political intention, “he says in a statement.

The motion, with the only favorable vote of Vox, has declined.