Wednesday, February 21

The country prepares to become the Global Green Hydrogen Route

The National Secretariat of Energy launched the Green Hydrogen Roadmap, as fuel of the future, which will allow Panama to be the Global Route of Green Hydrogen par excellence for the region, in view of the commitment to the decarbonization and the energy transition.

Hydrogen constitutes a commercial opportunity for the country and the region, in a market with expectations of developing new technologies; In addition, it will allow decarbonizing other sectors of the economy, such as industry, agriculture, land and air transport, supporting compliance with greenhouse gas emission reduction targets igreenhouse of the Panamanian State”, expressed the National Secretary of Energy, Jorge Rivera Staff.

Likewise, he emphasized the role of Panama as the leading city in Central America in the energy transition process, in line with the Energy Transition Agenda Strategy that supports the use of renewable energy sources.

guide the country as a Transformational Green Hydrogen Hub has the accompaniment of Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), whose launch was attended by Arturo Alarcón, Senior Energy Specialist, who pointed out that a detailed Strategy will be delivered, with specific actions that allow Panama to enter this market.

Alarcon, assured that Panama not only wants to take advantage of its high potential to produce energy renewable, and hydrogen-based energy, but “It is positively positioned for this development.”

Alarcón of the IDB, added that Panama has a strategic position; not only has a variety of renewable resources, but also has the Panama Canal and extensive experience in logistics operations, and key experience in international trade… Panama will be a key player in the hydrogen market in the future”.

During the presentation of the Hydrogen Roadmap in the country, Rivera Staff explained that previous studies and analyzes have been carried out, and that the proposal was structured into objectives that achieve: creation of a regulatory framework, promote dialogue with industry players, and with countries in the region, create the necessary infrastructure, rely on research and innovation, establish alliances with players in the global market, and initiate the development of pilot projects in the country, citing the City of Knowledge as an example.

Likewise, he maintained that, from the local level, a Committee made up of national authorities, NGOs, and the business sector will be integrated, to work in alliance, “because this great project will generate quality green jobs”.

Rivera Staff, explained the perspective of the Secretary of Energy and the Inter-American Development Bank, on potential demand, emissions, exports, impact on the energy matrix, where the viable uses in the different economic sectors were evaluated.

in the meeting the opportunities of hydrogen and its role in the sustainable reactivation of the country were highlighted, as well as the importance of policy guidelines that leverage the implementation of this new market, highlights the press release from the National Energy Secretariat.

Finally, Rivera Staff guaranteed that the Roadmap promises to be the result of a collaborative work of multiple public and private actors.