Saturday, September 25

The coup d’etat of Cape Casado (and the role of objective collaborators)

Let us now call things by their name: it is a coup. A coup carried out by one of the least capable leaders that the PP has had in the last forty years: Married. In truth, it is something that has been brewing for a long time (a political practice of that party, a custom of the Spanish conservatives) but that in the last two years has blossomed in full force: it consists of blocking democratic institutions while the PP does not hold all the power of the State. Or put another way: to exempt from the democratic rules, contrary to what is provided in the Constitution, the control of key constitutional bodies for state activity: General Council of the Judiciary, Court of Accounts, Constitutional Court and Ombudsman. Nothing less.

Everything has been tried by the Government to overcome the situation. Everything, hand in hand with democratic ways and means. It has even been proposed to change the form of appointment of the members of any of the aforementioned bodies to overcome the impasseBut the EU has not found it “adequate” and has preferred, at least for the moment, that things remain the same. In this way, key constitutional bodies are blocked and the State paralyzed in some of its essential functions, or worse (which is reality): those constitutional institutions are perverted in such a way that they have lost their already complicated democratic legitimacy and, of course, , no longer express with their decisions and opinions the will of the people. That is to say: more and more the CGPJ, the Constitutional Court, etc., express the wishes of some usurpers and not of the citizens.

To do? (Casado’s arrest has been ruled out, because it would not be constitutional; taking Carlos Lesmes to prison, because it would not be in accordance with the Order, etc …). There is only one possibility for me: this coup is having, objectively, some indisputable collaborators, precisely the members of those constitutional bodies who have already expired their mandate and who continue to hold office. Their presence gives some semblance of legitimacy to what is happening, and, above all, prevents a stark reality from becoming visible: that the Popular Party is violating democracy.

Well, only the resignation of all the members of these bodies will make it possible to expose the coup plot and put a stop to it, so that the EU institutions bless what is nothing more than a legitimate reaction of the majority of citizens against the that are dynamiting Spanish democracy. And the excuse that some have made for not resigning no longer works, that if the Democrats leave those bodies, only the reactionaries will remain and everything would be worse. No. The worst thing is to continue giving an appearance of democratic normality when there is none. Empty those institutions of democrats! Explain to the Spanish citizens, and to the EU (once the democrats have resigned), that the Ombudsman is without a head, that the CGPJ has only half of its members, that whoever is in charge of spending control he is deprived of part of his advisers, and that the Constitutional Court lacks enough magistrates because someone is betraying Spanish democracy! Perhaps at that time the EU will dare to help us put out the fire in the Reichstag and democracy will no longer be hijacked by the losers in the last elections.

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