Friday, September 24

The course will start in Catalonia without quarantines for those vaccinated and with fewer restrictions on recess

The start of the school year in Catalonia, as in the rest of Spain, will not be very different from how classes ended in June. At least in terms of measures against COVID-19. Students will continue to use the mask in class, access to the center must be staggered and bubble groups must be maintained as much as possible. But there will be some changes: the vaccinated youth will not be forced to confine themselves and at recess the restrictions will be relaxed. In the courtyard, class groups can be mixed and, if they are kept separate, they can go without a mask. In addition, families will finally be able to enter the centers.

The advance of vaccination – half of young people between 12 and 15 years old already have the first dose – has pushed the Health and Education ministries to review the protocols for the beginning of the course prepared in May, but they have chosen to add few new features due to also to the growth of the delta variant, more contagious. At the moment, there is a quarter with the current measures. “The centers will not have to rethink their organization plans”, the Minister Josep González-Cambray wanted to reassure them, who appeared together with the Government spokesperson, Patrícia Plaja, and the Minister of Health, Josep Maria Argimon.

As of September 13, all compulsory school students, including Infant and Baccalaureate students, will start 100% in person. “We will maintain the use of a mask, hand hygiene, ventilation … All of this is more important than ever,” said González-Cambray, who added that the protocols for canteens and school transport will not change either.

The two big news have to do with quarantines and recess. Regarding the first, those who are vaccinated or who have passed COVID-19 will not have to confine themselves if they are close contacts and will be able to continue going to class. On the second, mixing groups will be allowed at recess, even removing the mask if you choose not to mix them, and allowing families access. Parents will be able to re-enter the center to accompany their sons and daughters to the classroom, they will be able to participate in community activities and in welcoming the first days of Nursery.

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