Monday, February 26

The Court of Seville asks the Prosecutor’s Office about the suspension of Griñán’s entry into prison while his pardon is processed

New step in the case of the ERE. The First Section of the Provincial Court of Seville has notified the parties on Tuesday of the expected execution of the sentence of the ERE case endorsed by the Supreme Court less than a month ago. In the resolution, the magistrates request the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the personal accusations to report on the request for suspension of the execution of the custodial sentence while the pardons proposed by nine former officials of the Andalusian Government, sentenced to enter the prison, are processed. prison for embezzlement of public funds, including former Andalusian and PSOE president José Antonio Griñán.

Griñán wields the “powerful” particular vote to the sentence of the ERE in its incident of annulment before the Supreme

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For its part, the order requires six other former Andalusian leaders to comply with the sentence of absolute disqualification to which they were sentenced for administrative prevarication on November 19, 2019, including former President Manuel Chaves and former Minister of the Presidency Gaspar Zarrías.

It should be remembered that, parallel to his request for pardon, supported by politicians, academics and personalities, the defense of former President Griñán formalized just a couple of weeks ago before the Supreme Court his announced incident of annulment regarding the sentence of the ERE that condemns him to six years and two days in prison and 15 years and two days of disqualification for continued crimes of embezzlement and prevarication.