Thursday, July 29

The court orders the entry into a juvenile center of the two arrested this Friday for the murder of Samuel Luiz

The two detainees this Friday accused of participating in the brutal murder of Samuel Luiz have entered a juvenile center. It has been ordered by the investigating court number 1 of A Coruña, acting as a guard, since the juvenile court does not have a guard service. Thus, there are five people imprisoned for their involvement in the events, after three of the first four arrested yesterday entered prison, specifically three men between 18 and 25 years old. A 19-year-old woman was released but required to appear in court.

The six so far identified in relation to the crime of Samuel Luiz, which occurred in the vicinity of the city’s promenade at dawn on Saturday, July 3, assure that they did not know the victim but did know each other. According to a friend of Luiz’s, the aggression happened to the shout of insults such as “fag” or “fag of shit” and was a homophobic crime. Thousands of people filled the streets of Galicia and the rest of the State on July 5 in protest against homophobia. This Sunday, July 11, a demonstration is called in A Coruña against LGTBIphobic violence.

It was this Friday when court number 1 sent three of the first four detainees to prison without bail after taking their statements for almost six hours. The order indicates that the four arrested are suspected of having committed a crime of homicide or murder, pending definition throughout the investigation. The judge has agreed to his admission to prison because she understands that there is a risk of escape and the possibility of alteration or destruction of evidence. None of those investigated has availed themselves of their right not to testify. The investigation, which is under summary secrecy, is directed by the investigating court number 8 of A Coruña, which is the one that was on duty when the events occurred.

The four young men of legal age have declared that they did not know the victim and have rejected a motive of hatred or a sexual component for the assault that ended their life. This has been confirmed by sources consulted by Europa Press. If it is proven that there was a hate crime, the jail terms would be higher. These same sources have explained that the 19-year-old detained young woman, who has been the only one who has been released with the obligation to appear in court, has only answered the questions of her lawyer, Luciano Prado. Meanwhile, the fourth arrested, an 18-year-old boy who is attributed the theft of the victim’s mobile, represented by lawyer Ramón Sierra, responded to all the lawyers and the others only to his.

Specifically, the only girl of the four young people who have gone to court has stated that “at no time”, the same sources consulted have assured, attacked Samuel, or encouraged anyone to do so. Thus, they have stressed that this young woman “did not carry out any action.” She has even declared that she recriminated her boyfriend, a 20-year-old boy arrested, for his attitude in the beating.

Government delegation does not rule out new arrests

The defendants had arrived at the courthouse in two cars and a van, Europa Press reports. Two of the accused entered first, with their heads covered. Then the other male and female, also hooded. Two hours later the arrest of two minors in relation to the case transcended.

The lawyer for the room of the detainees, whose arrest was made last Wednesday, spoke at the doors of the courts to defend the innocence of his client. “He has testified at the police station because innocents always testify,” said José Ramón Sierra, who affirmed that his client had gone to the National Police “voluntarily and as a witness” and was then arrested, under charges of homicide and misappropriation for keeping him. Samuel’s phone.

The Government delegate in Galicia, José Miñones, has repeated this Friday that he does not rule out more arrests in the next few hours or days.

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