Sunday, December 10

The Court summons Santi Mina to assess his imprisonment before his signing for a Saudi Arabian team

The footballer Santi Mina will have to appear this Thursday at the Provincial Court of Almería for the hearing in which it will be decided if he enters provisional prison to serve the sentence of four years in prison to which he has been sentenced in the first instance for sexually abusing a woman in 2017 during a vacation in the municipality of Mojácar.

Radio Galega gives voice to a lawyer who asks for “love” for Santi Mina and assures that “he had a bad night”

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The appearance regulated in article 505 of the Law of Criminal Procedure is initially set at 10:00 am, as stated in the ruling consulted by Europa Press and which cites the former RC Celta de Vigo player.

The holding of the hearing next Thursday comes at the request of the private prosecution, which interested the court of the Third Section that sentenced Santi Mina to his imprisonment pending resolution of the appeals against the sentence announced to the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA).

The accusation estimates that Santi Mina’s march to Saudi Arabia to wear the Al Shabab team shirt during this 2022-2023 season has meant a “disproportionate increase in the risk of fleeing from justice.”

It should be remembered that RC Celta de Vigo and Al Shabab reached a loan agreement on August 23 that lasts until June 30, 2023, when the player must return to the Spanish team.

Four years in prison pending appeal

The Provincial Court of Almería sentenced Santi Mina to four years in prison in May and acquitted fellow footballer David Goldar, against whom the Public Prosecutor’s Office did not file an accusation, although the victim put him on the bench considering him a necessary cooperator.

The sentence imposed on Mina the measure of probation for a period of five years and the payment of compensation of 50,000 euros for moral damages. In addition, it prohibited him from approaching within 500 meters of the victim, her home or any other frequent and from establishing with her, by any means of direct communication, computerized or telematic, written, verbal or visual contact, all during 12 years.

The court made up of magistrates Ignacio Angulo and Soledad Balaguer recounts in its ruling as proven facts that Santi Mina, around 4:30 p.m. on June 16, 2017, entered the van that was parked near a nightclub of the town of Mojácar, where the two defendants spent the night and traveled with two other friends.

He did so “wearing only underpants and surprising his friend David Goldar, who had previously gone to the van in the company of the woman, while he was having sexual relations.”

When the victim was “surprised” in such a situation, “she sat on the bed, waiting for him to leave”, but Mina, “with libidinous spirit and to satisfy her sexual appetite”, addressed her saying “look girl you I like you a lot and I think we should do something.”

She replied at that time “that she had gone with David Goldar”, “turning to ask” him “if they had planned it”. “Upon turning, the accused, surprisingly, taking advantage of the superiority provided by the narrow and strange space, which he covered the only exit and she was in a state of shock, directly inserted his penis into her mouth without asking,” he says. sentence.

The court adds that she “pushed him”, but stresses that, then, “despite the victim’s lack of consent, he pushed her backwards on the bed, inserting his fingers into her vagina”.