Friday, September 24

The court suspends the formation of the municipal mixed group of councilors who broke with More Madrid

The formation of the mixed group in the Madrid City Council is paralyzed, is “on hold” with “an urgent nature”, after accepting a court of contentious-administrative the very precautionary measures registered this Monday by Más Madrid, has informed the formation headed by Rita Maestre in a statement.

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The contentious-administrative court number 30 of Madrid has signed a car this Tuesday, to which Europa Press has had access, where it argues that it accepts the very precautionary when circumstances of special urgency concur, specified by Más Madrid in the call this Friday of an extraordinary plenary session in which the composition of the committees would be modified to accommodate the mixed group.

“In such circumstances, it is appropriate to urgently access the precautionary measure requested by the recurring political group in view of the imminence of said extraordinary plenary session and others that may come immediately when the contested resolution becomes executive,” the order states.

The court refers to the economic consequences of the constitution of the mixed group, of adjustment and distribution of the number of members of the different commissions, the modification of the RPT (List of Work Positions) of the municipal groups, granting of spaces, expenses of material and computer science, allocation of official vehicle, redistribution of members in different administrative bodies and municipal agencies and companies.

All of this “advises suspending the contested resolution with that urgency,” the order agrees. The court declares “on hold” until the final resolution of the precautionary measure once the City Council and the four councilors of Recupera Madrid are heard, who are given three days to present allegations.

More Madrid insists that the community report was ignored

The group led by Maestre has reiterated its conviction that “the decision of the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, to appoint these four councilors as a mixed group does not comply with the law,” together with the fact that “the ruling inexplicably obviates of the legal advisory commission of the Community of Madrid, which unanimously understood that these councilors should be considered not attached “.

More Madrid has asked the Almeida government “not to make partisan use of the institutions and not to use the creation of this mixed group as a measure of change to get the support that it does not have through the legally constituted groups for its Mobility ordinance. “. The group has reiterated the need for all the formations to be united “in the face of transfuguism because it poses a danger to democracy and stains the institutions.”

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