Thursday, January 27

The COVID-19 vaccine reduces the risk of dying by 25 times in the elderly

The Ministry of Health is going to incorporate into its data on the pandemic which cases of those notified were vaccinated and which were not. “This highlights the different level of risk between these two populations,” explained the Secretary of State, Silvia Calzón, at a press conference with Minister Carolina Darias. The department begins a new strategy to try to “convince” the four million people who have not been immunized “with the scientific evidence itself.”

The Government entrusts itself to the Supreme Court for the COVID passport and prescription “mask and vaccination”

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The accumulated incidence figures begin to be disaggregated this Tuesday and, in the absence of being published, the Ministry has anticipated that, according to the analysis of the infections reported in the last eight weeks, the risk of dying is 25 times higher in people older (60-79 years) who are not vaccinated. The immunized, in addition, reduce 18 times the possibility of ending up hospitalized and eight times the risk of becoming infected.

The drop in risk occurs in all age groups. The rate of hospitalized between 30 and 59 years is 0.4% per 100,000 inhabitants in the case of vaccinated and rises to 3.9% in non-immunized patients, said Calzón.

The data will be weekly and will be made public with a few days delay so that they “are consolidated” with all the information that the autonomous communities send to the ministry on both new infections and hospital admissions and deaths. According to the figures published this Tuesday, corresponding to the week of November 8 to 14, the cumulative incidence was 88.3 among the unvaccinated and 41.3 in the population vaccinated with the full schedule.

More vaccinations and social distance

To exemplify the weight of vaccination in epidemiological and health data, Darias went back to the last time that Spain found an incidence of 132 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, as this Tuesday. It was March 11 of this year. At that time, explained the person in charge of Health, the percentage of vaccination was barely 4% – now around 90% -. “Hospitalizations, ICU saturation and mortality have been reduced,” the minister summarized. “Then the percentage of hospital occupancy was 22% compared to 5% today, and patients in intensive care 7%, compared to 2% yesterday.”

“Prevention is our best ally to keep the virus at bay: mandatory indoor and outdoor mask without safety distance, hand washing, social distance, ventilation and avoiding crowds. And above all, vaccination.” This is how the minister has shelled the recommendations and the policy promoted by the central government in its approach to this sixth wave of the pandemic.

The Ministry assumes the increase in cases during the last month after 12 weeks of falls but avoids putting restrictions on the table, despite the fact that experts recommend, in the last draft of the COVID traffic light, a limitation of the hours of the hotel industry (closure at 23) and nightlife (until 1) at the medium alert level, in which there would be at least two communities, Aragón and Catalunya.

“We are not talking so much about dissuasive measures but about prevention and vaccination. We propose to advance in what we know has worked. We have a very high vaccination coverage and the way is there”, has insisted Darias, whose objective, he says, is “to continue vaccinating without stopping “. Both those who have not yet done so, as well as those groups for which a booster dose has already been approved. The Public Health Commission has given the green light this afternoon to the third dose for people over 60 years of age and health and social health personnel. “Prevention and vaccination is the roadmap that the Ministry will follow with the autonomous communities because we know what has worked,” added the minister.

The position of Health confirms what the Government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, has already advanced after the Council of Ministers. The Executive’s recipe for this new wave is the “vaccine and mask.” Regarding the COVID passport, Moncloa rules out taking measures so that the autonomies can make that decision and recalls that the regional governments can appeal to the high court for decisions.