Wednesday, October 5

The Covid Certificate will expire after 9 months if no booster dose is received: the European Union establishes a maximum validity for all countries

The Covid Digital Certificate will have a valid for 9 months from the last dose received. The European Commission has finally decided to establish the 270-day limit for the increasingly widespread Covid passport, necessary to speed up travel between the different countries of the European Union.

This new measure will affect all Covid certificates of the European Union, since they work under the same interoperability framework. In total, to date more than 807 million certificates have been processed, but all of them will expire if the people who have them do not get a booster dose.

The booster dose will be essential to continue using the Covid Digital Certificate

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) recommends booster dose after 6 months after the last dose of the first vaccination cycle. As explained by the Commission, the Certificate will remain valid for a grace period of three additional months regarding the recommendation to get vaccinated after six months.

Along with the arrival of this measure, the Commission will ask update the encoding of certificates to correctly reflect that you have the different doses.

Booster doses will be marked with a 3/3 for those that have been supplied after a time with respect to the first two closest, while a 2/1 it will mark those booster doses that accompany a first single-dose vaccination, as in the case of Janssen.

The validity period will not be marked on the certificate itself. Instead, the mobile apps that are used to read the Covid Digital Certificate will be updated to detect if they are still valid. If the date of the last dose is older than 9 months, the mobile application will mark that the certificate is expired.

The new mechanism of Covid certificates It will enter into force as of February 1, 2022. It is about a few months of margin in which the different countries will have to update their technical systems to comply with the new European regulations regarding certificates.

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