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The creator of the Jetpack crashes in a lake and causes stupor | Digital Trends Spanish

Franky Zapata, the inventor of the jet packthis suitcase with turbines that allows you to rise in the air.

The creator became famous in 2019 after crossing the English Channel with his backpack vehicle.

However, the BBC reported that he recently made headlines after he lost control over his device during a recent flight demonstration and fell approximately 50 feet into Lake Biscarosse, near the west coast of France.

crash impressionnant of @frankyzapata aujourd’hui au meeting aérien de #biscarrosse Heureusement il est tombé dans l’eau et devrait s’en sortir je l’espère sans trop de soucis. #frankyzapata #biscarrosse #crash pic.twitter.com/SjWbGOp74W

— Alex (@Alex170346741) May 28, 2022

The information does show that Zapata is recovering from his accident and is stable.

The special flyboard designed by Zapata features five micro-turbines, allowing it to accelerate to speeds of up to 87 mph.

Zapata’s company of the same name shows the Flyboard Air in your websitecalling it a “turboprop dash capable of unprecedented mobility.”

“This machine can lose an engine and still fly,” Zapata once wrote. “If you lose two engines, the pilot will make a controlled landing.”

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