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The creator of the legendary Street Fighter II cover dies | Digital Trends Spanish

The creator of one of the most mythical images of video games of the 90s (and of all history) has passed away. This is Mick McGinty, illustrator behind the cover of Street fighter II, Streets of Rage and a long list of video games.

McGinty’s work was made visible through Street Fighter II, since his collaboration with Capcom was one of the most popular. Besides that game, the artist went on to create covers for some of the subsequent titles, such as the Turbo or Super versions.

Mick McGinty was also behind the cover illustrations for the series. Zoo Tycoon, in addition to titles like Kid Chamaleon, Chicago Syndicate, Sol Feace, Battle Cars and a long etcetera, which also includes the classic western cover of Streets of Rage 2 in which the protagonists of the game appear fighting in the middle of the street.

Cover of Streets of Rage 2, American version

According to an extensive post from your son, Mick McGinty was one of the artists who believed that their work could always be better.

However, public opinion may be somewhat different because in the eyes of normal people, creations like those of Street fighter II they became an icon not only of an era, but of video games in general. In the 90s, video games only existed in physical format, many products began to be sold from their box and the cover had to be a faithful as well as interesting representation of the final product.

Reimagining the original Street Fighter II cover, created in 2014 by Mick McGinty

And in that sense the cover of Street fighter ii is perfect, as it represents the spirit of a game that would eventually become a milestone. Interestingly, in 2014 McGinty reimagined the original cover of the game, in an article about the history of Street fighter ii published by Polygon.

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