Thursday, September 16

The cruel handover of Afghanistan to the Taliban

Just a few days have been enough for the Taliban, in a triumphal walk across the silver bridges laid by the United States and the International Community, to return Afghanistan to the terror regime of jihadist fundamentalism. A few days with a background of two decades, four, more than a century if you will. More. On this land somewhat larger than Spain, populated by more than 35 million people who largely live almost in the Middle Ages with a life expectancy of just 46 years, the great speculators have been playing Monopoly tirelessly international The bleak image of that return to the abyss, after so much pain, so many traps, botch, unequal efforts, losses and profits, appears as the symbol of today’s lost world. Like a still photo of what is and is coming. Warning to blind sailors.

It is difficult to contemplate that tribe of barbarians sitting in the presidential palace ready to impart their fanaticism and brutality. And the images of the desperate flight at the Kabul airport. Immense pain, stupefaction at the total cession no matter how long it was announced, impotence. Whoever thinks that the protest campaigns will make a dent in those heads burning with hatred and closure is not knowing their history. Now they hide. Little bit.

Afghanistan is unlucky enough for wealth it doesn’t control. Above all as a geostrategic key point for which control is being fought. It is located at a crossroads of significant countries that surround it: Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and the People’s Republic of China. Everyone is watching, everyone is being watched from the Afghan enclave. A century ago (August 1919) we find him breaking free from the British Empire. Soviet intervention, American invasion and multiple civil wars of warring tribes aspiring to power mark out a permanent war trajectory. The world’s leading producer of opium – of heroin, therefore – and with untapped reserves of natural gas, the oil pipeline with the oil from the Persian Gulf runs through Afghanistan.

The Taliban were fed and supported by the US in its struggle with the Soviets. In 1996 they seized power and the world knew its regression. Against women, against culture, against rights. Five damn years. The attacks of September 11, 2001 will lead to the US invasion ordered by George W. Bush with the support of Great Britain and endorsed by the UN. Bin Laden is wanted as the author. There are no official balances of civilian casualties but numerous sources put the Afghan dead at 10,000 in those days, more than triple the victims of the Twin Towers. Without televisions, or newspapers, or cinemas, or theaters, many of them did not get to know the face of the founder of Al Qaeda, the one for whom they died. And it turns out that Bin Laden wasn’t even there.

Throughout these 20 years there have been thousands of deaths, almost a quarter of a million, adding Afghanistan and Pakistan for the same cause.

The attacks and kidnappings never stopped. In the first months of 2020, the UN counted 1,200 civilians killed by the Taliban attacks. Regarding the economic cost, the US Administration alone has allocated 2 billion dollars to the operation in Afghanistan. Despite what US President Joe Biden says now – who denies it – they were supposedly destined to modernize the country and its army. The one who has let the Taliban pass without resisting.

José María Aznar decided to add Spain to the international contingent and Zapatero extended it. We have spent 3.5 billion euros there. From the Afghan mission came the 62 servicemen from Yak 42 who died in the laziness accident, which does not appear in the international balance, of course. Another 42 died in different contingencies, including a very young Galician soldier, Idoia Rodríguez Buján. So we lost a hundred compatriots in Afghanistan. In wars you kill and die. And shreds of the soul are left for life.

Because this story has thousands of names to contribute, of tasks, of endeavors. Those that did rebuild. In the streets of the cities and towns of the country. In hospitals, in security. Afghans, their rights in particular. Many birds of prey to banish as well. The corruption that never stopped. In the offices Donald Trump cooked the agreement of the US troop withdrawal with the Taliban. The war was being lost and there wasn’t much more to get out of now. The Doha agreement, Qatar, in February 2020 included the liberation just a year ago of 400 Taliban with blood crimes and the rest have already begun to get them out of jail, as soon as they arrive. The Loya Jirga or great assembly of elders and political elites of Afghanistan accepted the measure in exchange for that promised peace. The lesser evil sometimes endorses greater crimes and always postpones definitive solutions.

Trump was the one who signed the troop withdrawal. Bush and Obama, the ones who had been cooking the plaster. Biden, the one who has honored the agreement leaving the Afghans alone. They all knew what was going to happen. Like the International Community, that ineffective chorus of murmurs that rarely gets wet.

Everything to get back to where you started. Exactly. Unconditional delivery without resistance. To the Taliban barbarism. President Ashraf Ghani flees the country in complete tranquility, with four cars and a helicopter full of cash, according to the Russian embassy in Kabul. The Presidential Palace guard (in Western suit) greeted the Taliban like this.

All conscientious women in the world feel overwhelmed by the treatment applied by the Taliban to our fellow men in the years of ignominy who are now returning because they have it inscribed in their genes, because they have already begun to impose it in the first areas that they controlled. Silenced, annulled, bricked up in life, whipped by the strictest irrationality, considered by the Taliban at the level of the goats on their farms. It produces an uncontrollable tear full of indignation. There are the girls who studied medicine, taught, reported, the women who lived – more or less in inequality, of course. In true inequality. “Two thirds of Afghan girls are not in school and 75% face forced marriages, in many cases before their 16th birthday,” says Olga Rodríguez in her essential and detailed analysis in

Those who have the ability to solve it are not going to do anything other than provide us with words. And that hopefully. Josep Borrell, Head of Diplomacy of the European Union, has spoken saying: “The Taliban have won the war, so we have to start a dialogue with them as soon as possible to avoid a humanitarian and migration disaster.”. The men and women Afghans under threat will add to their misfortune being … “a migratory disaster”. In the usual line. We know that it was difficult, from the warlords and guerrilla warfare, from the interests of the international board, but that does not explain everything. It is the hour of impotence and impunity. The taking of the most brutal bastion. A symbol, a warning, because the Taliban are already spreading to many other places, hardly changing the name of their gods. The battles are lost when the strategies under hand are not known, the weak flanks and today they cannot be clearer.

The solution is not to run after crowded airplane stairs when all seems lost. Of all the exits, this is one of the worst, being driven by despair. The Taliban have not taken Afghanistan, they have handed it over to them. There is the key.