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‘The cry of interior Spain’, the new magazine of

Spain has some of the most unpopulated areas in Europe. Towns and small towns are dying and their inhabitants can’t take it anymore. Faced with the brightness of the growth of large urban areas, the so-called empty Spain has launched a cry that vindicates the need for resources. It is urgent to invest in public services that improve the quality of life of its inhabitants but, without a radical change in the values ​​of our society, it will be impossible to build a future.

We talked about all this in magazine by the hand of a group of specialists, writers and journalists such as Igancio Urquizu, Alejandro Gándara, Patrica Gea, Sergio del Molino, Ignacio Escolar, Dani Keral, Pilar Burillo, Paco Cerdá, Ander Izaguirre, María López Villodres, Daniel Salgado and Cristina Armunia.

We also analyze the electoral possibilities of the new platform that intends to present candidacies in the next elections in the style of Teruel exists with Francisco Beds and José Pablo Ferrándiz, specialists in demoscopy. And we have the exceptional graphic look of the reporter José Manuel Navia in an issue that serves to rescue what the past teaches us to build a better life in what we like to call the interior Spain.

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