Wednesday, December 8

The Cuban regime militarizes the country to prevent the peaceful march on Monday

Correspondent in Havana



Since late Sunday night, the Cuban regime has begun the total militarization of the country to intimidate the population and prevent Cubans from marching peacefully for the freedom of political prisoners and against police violence. Provinces such as Havana, Villa Clara, Las Tunas, Matanzas, Camagüey and Santiago de Cuba are reported in this state.

On social media, Cubans constantly share photos and videos of police officers, patrol cars, cars and buses loaded with uniformed men and other military personnel in civilian clothes as well as complaints of acts of repudiation against the coordinators of the Archipelago group, who called the Civic March for Change this November 15 (15-N). One of these manifestations of hatred occurred this 15-N against Saily González, coordinator of the Archipelago group in Santa Clara, Villa Clara, at whom they shouted offenses such as “worm,” “mercenary,” “daughter of a bitch,” and prevented her from leaving her home.

“These acts carried out by followers of the regime, include the permanence of members of the police and state security in the vicinity of the homes,” detailed the Cuban Observatory for Human Rights (OCDH). So far, there have been at least 8 acts of repudiation against peaceful protesters in the country.

This Monday also the Catholic priests Alberto Reyes, Rolando Montes de Oca and Castor Álvarez Devesa They denounced threats of arrest by Caridad Diego, Head of the Office of Attention to Religious Affairs of the Central Committee of the PCC. The three had expressed and maintain their willingness to accompany the protesters this 15-N.

«We are priests to preach the GospelAnd the Gospel of Jesus Christ speaks of freedom, of justice, of truth, this is what our people are asking for. If being stopped is the price for being consistent with the preaching of the gospel, so be it. We will be accompanying our people, walking through our streets that are still imprisoned, “said Father Alberto Reyes.

The human rights organization Cubalex alert of arrests to protesters that occurred since night and early morning on Sunday and Monday.

For its part, the OCDH denounces the repressive escalation of the last days of the Cuban regime to prevent peaceful marches. According to the data reported by the organization, between 13 and 15-N there have been at least 49 home detention, 25 threats and 8 internet outages and acts of repudiation in front of the houses of activists, leaving a balance of more than 200 repressive acts.

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