Monday, March 27

The cultural crying

The new aspiration of the reactionary wannabe is to pretend to be a victim of something. Not to be a victim anymore, because they don’t know what it is to be a victim, nor have they been around, but to live in a continuous fiction of invented persecution. The rojiparda paranoia, the Neymar of the Colonnaded. A writer, with multiple stands in different spaces, returned yesterday with the same song.

I will not quote or link to the writer so that she does not feel canceled, because this is an indispensable part of her victimhood, she can only write her clá, if others use the same art we are oppressing them with the stock of the gate. The article is bad, but very bad, and it denounces that an author who is famous, successful and writes in many places without her opinion generating more than positive consequences and job opportunities is a victim of cancellation in the same way: “She, In front of other “victims”, he was fortunate that it did not become effective, that is, they did not prevent him from continuing to write. Because that’s what the culture of cancellation is all about, that you and / or your opinions and work end up being banned, expelled from the public and cultural scene. It seems that the more famous the victim, the less effective the cancellation ‘culture’ is. ”

Opinions cannot be argued based on invented data, because the columns cannot be a space to be untruthful any more than they are to be able to violate the laws of physics. Someone who has not been a victim of anything cannot be a victim. The only thing salvageable from the tribune of El País in the last example of the “cultural crying” is a quote from Daniele Giglioli in his book Criticism of the victim: “The victim is the hero of our time. Being a victim grants prestige, demands listening and promises and fosters recognition, activates a powerful generator of identity, of law, of self-esteem. It immunizes against any criticism, guarantees innocence beyond any reasonable doubt ”. They quote it and don’t realize it’s a self-portrait.

Writing this nonsense on a rostrum is only understandable when you are surrounded by an environment of privilege that has not made you suffer for your opinions. Not knowing what it is to suffer labor consequences for your writing makes you long for that drama to turn it into an epic and thus have something to tell, because there are few ideas of your own. So you take your rostrum in El País, one of many where you have space to drop insubstantial banalities and write a text with an argumentative inconsistency that leaves a good example of the great problem of publishing that newspapers suffer to cry again denouncing what never happens to them . They cancel us, they denounce us. Most of the time they are just teasing, do not dramatize yourself.

I don’t know what they would do with their crying if what they wrote led to prosecution, attempted assault while they were doing their work or having to call the police while they were going to the pharmacy because some grumpy guys warned them that they were going to kill them. Because that happens in Spain with those who write against the fascists. Those who think they are victims have preferred to buy the reactionary argumentation ignoring those who do suffer the physical, vital and labor consequences and have chosen to join in with the perpetrators by sharing their spaces and words. No less was expected, said Manuel Vázquez Montalbán that the most difficult thing in this profession is to choose the enemy well.

The absurdity of this troop of illiterate whiners is of such caliber that the comedian David Suárez, whom the extreme right has wanted to put in jail for a joke and the left has defended its fate, accused the left of not being attentive to material issues and only cultural issues. But have these people been cut off from their ability to reason? Are they able to walk and breathe at the same time?

Victimism is the fundamental weapon of the extreme right, self-defense because they are the main cause of victims. Their policy is based on causing pain, it is their essence, and to protect themselves they have invented the figure of cancellation. The fundamental tool on which they have sustained their contempt for the pain of vulnerable groups and protect themselves by presenting themselves to public opinion as victims of political correctness. A strategy that aims to be able to use hate speech under the shield of freedom of expression and also show oneself as victims of a non-existent offense. The post-facist instrument is so effective that low-talented gangsters have seen in this victimization a way to win the favor of compassionate masses with their luck and who also feel hurt by not being able to be sexists, racists or homophobes in freedom without anyone reprimanding them. .