Tuesday, October 19

The CUP returns to bring to Parliament the two debates vetoed by the Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court forbade two debates in Parliament throughout the last legislature: on self-determination and to reject the monarchy. Issues for which the Court came to criminally warn former President Roger Torrent and other members of the Board, who were forced to paralyze and avoid debates and votes, and for which legal proceedings were opened against them. However, these issues have not fallen far from the political agenda of the House groups, and the CUP will recover both in the battery of resolution proposals that it will register this week, on the occasion of the general policy debate that begins this Tuesday.

In this way, the anti-capitalist formation will force the first vote of the legislature on these vetoed matters, although, for the moment, the Table is not warned and therefore runs criminal risk. However, it will be the first debate in which the Chamber will again skip a Constitutional resolution. As it has progressed The vanguard, the CUP also wants the pro-independence parties to be forced to position themselves on one of the issues that they have flagged, the convening of a new referendum on independence before the end of the legislature.

The wording of the registered proposal is brief: “The Parliament of Catalonia undertakes to carry out a self-determination referendum before the end of the XIV Legislature, and therefore, urges the Government of the Generalitat to immediately start the debates and work necessary to guarantee its realization “. With this resolution, the CUP puts pressure on the government parties, which have signed the commitment to “propose a new democratic attack” in favor of independence, although for the moment they have never specified the form or schedule.

The anti-capitalists’ proposal has been received coldly by the president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs, who has doubted that it can be held. “Raising a new referendum in the current context with the State in front of us, I do not know if it is very viable,” Borràs assured in the microphones of Catalunya Ràdio, “it is not feasible because (in the State) they would take the measures not to another 1-O occurred “.

Neither does the government plan tested last week by the Catalan Executive, and which Pere Aragonès plans to defend this week in Parliament, includes the call for a referendum in this legislature. This document, on the other hand, does reaffirm the commitment to the dialogue table with the Government and it is in this forum where the Government plans to defend and, where appropriate, agree to a referendum. However, the anti-capitalists understand that the agreements signed by them with ERC and among the members of the Government themselves do include promoting a vote like the one they propose.

Regarding the proposed resolution regarding the monarchy, the anti-capitalists have registered a proposal in which they avoid returning to the disapproval that was annulled at the time, but they urge the Government, the municipalities and the Congress to different actions with respect to the Royal Household, how to withdraw the decorations and tribute items, in addition to opening a commission of inquiry in the Cortes Generales “regarding the plot linked to the alleged illegalities” committed by members of the king’s family. The text also affirms about Juan Carlos I that “his performance during the term of the head of State and after his resignation from the Crown is incompatible with ethics and democracy.”

Beyond the proposals of the CUP, ERC and Junts negotiate against the clock the proposals that they will jointly take to the parliamentary plenary session and in which they will add their votes. Both formations are trying to avoid bringing before the House an image of discord or lack of unity that reopens an internal crisis in the Government. However, issues such as the dialogue table or the statements on the recent arrest of Carles Puigdemont, among others, could again open gaps between the two major independence parties.


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