Thursday, September 29

The CUP will present the deputy Basha Changuerra to the mayor’s office of Barcelona

The deputy of the CUP in the Parliament of Catalonia Basha Changuerra is the candidate for mayor of Barcelona in next year’s municipal elections. The plenary assembly of the party has officially proclaimed the first ten names of the electoral list after an internal process of the anti-capitalist formation.

Changuerra, who will have the challenge of returning the CUP to the Barcelona City Council -in the 2019 elections they were left out-, will be accompanied by Jordi Estivill, as number two, and Ariadna Llena, as number three. The other people who are part of the first names of the candidacy are Thaïs Cloquell, Santi Gonzalez, Eva Fernández, Jordi Gutiérrez, Marga Olalla, Alfons Romero and Clara Camps.

In addition to having been a councilor in the Moià City Council, Changuerra is a feminist activist and an Afro-descendant group, such as Afroféminas.

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