Monday, May 23

The Cybertruck will arrive in 2023 with an amazing change | Digital Trends Spanish

The arrival of Tesla’s Cybertruck electric pickup is dragging on like a day without bread. The car’s initial launch date was this year, but it looks like it will ultimately be in 2023 (if no further delays are announced).

Yesterday, during an extravagant party to celebrate the opening of the Gigafactory Texas that Elon Musk called “Cyber ​​Rodeo”, the executive reconfirmed that the truck will arrive in 2023. But he also announced a curious novelty that will integrate the vehicle when it reaches the market.

The van will no longer have handles on the doors to open them. Instead, they will open automatically when they detect the car’s owner is nearby. Musk has not elaborated on how this detection system will work.

Previous versions of the Cybertruck that have been unveiled at events come with handles built into the body of the car, just like other Tesla models.

The executive, dressed in a cowboy hat, also hinted that Tesla will build an autonomous “robotaxi” that will look “futuristic,” but did not show any images of the vehicle or say when it will arrive.

One of the reasons why Tesla’s new truck is being delayed, according to Musk, is the price, as people are not willing to pay for the technology included and the company does not see a way to make this truck affordable.

The Cybertruck originally had a starting cost of $39,900 dollars when it was introduced in 2019 and for now it is unknown if the company will make changes, since on its official website the original figures were removed along with the specifications.

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