Friday, November 26

The daughter of the prime minister of New Zealand sneaks into one of his Facebook live

Although the improvement in the epidemiological situation has made it possible to resume face-to-face life more and more, online meetings continue to form part of our day-to-day life and, with them, the appearance of spontaneous ones. The long list of ‘cameos’ that have occurred throughout the pandemic, such as that of the daughter of a journalist “who had made an M” or the ringing of the doorbell at the house of Inés Arrimadas, now joins the entrance from the daughter of the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Arden, to a Facebook direct that her mother was making.

“Honey, you should be in bed. It’s time to sleep,” Arden replied to her daughter as the little girl entered the room where she was performing. The girl, who does not appear on the screen, kept asking for the attention of politics, who insisted: “I’ll go see you in a minute, okay?”, While apologizing to her viewers. “Grandma will take you to bed. Thank you Grandma!” She said, as her daughter left the scene.

After this, the New Zealand Prime Minister addressed her followers, perhaps seeking complicity: “The moment of sleep has been a great failure, right? No one else has children who run away three or four times after having lying down? “he asked. “Good thing my mother is at home and can help me.” Finally, he managed to resume that live show that he believed at the time of starting it would be “safe and fun”: “Well, where were we going?”

But these disruptions already existed before the pandemic. In 2015, the son of Xulio Ferreiro, then newly elected mayor of A Coruña, sneaked into an interview that his father was doing in the SER’s Hoy por Hoy. When Pepa Bueno was asking him, the little boy began to cry, because his brother had taken “all the milk” from his breakfast, almost without letting anything else be heard. “Sorry, Pepa, I have a little mess at home here,” said Ferreiro trying to justify the crying. “It seems to me that we are going to have to leave this political conversation to attend to domestic life, right?” The journalist replied at a time when these entries were not seen so much in the middle of meetings, press conferences or interviews.

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