Thursday, September 21

The dean of lawyers in Madrid, to Irene Montero: “We do not have to have a sexist or feminist justice”

“I do not agree with you that we have to have feminist justice. As I do not agree that we have to have a sexist justice. We have to have an independent justice.” In these terms, the dean of the Madrid Bar Association, José María Alonso, expressed himself this Thursday before the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, who participated as a guest in that institution in an act in which he has claimed to end “justice patriarchal”. Alonso’s intervention has been received with applause from the public. Before equating machismo and feminism, the representative of the Madrid lawyers had defended the need for a “more specialized” justice system focused on “issues of gender violence”. “Not one more mistreated woman,” he asserted.

Alonso’s words, which have come almost to the end of the event, have provoked a response from the minister, who has asked to speak again to remember that “feminism is not proposing the opposite of machismo.” “I just want to invite you to reflect on an issue that the feminist movement clearly points out and that is that feminism is equality and democracy (…). Feminism is not proposing the opposite of machismo. Feminism is proposing that we all be equal”, Montero has affirmed.

“Women do not want to be more than anyone, we want to live in equality and I really invite you to reflect because part of those prejudices of what the feminist movement proposes distances many men, also many women, from the political proposals of feminism . And we are simply proposing that we can live in equality with all our rights guaranteed”, reiterated the head of Equality, who also received applause from the attendees.

Previously, Montero had claimed the law as one of the few tools that citizens have to restore situations of injustice and violations of rights. “Feminists who aspire to build fair and egalitarian societies that do not subordinate half of the population must talk about justice and contribute our gaze to the challenges that, like society, our judicial systems have to end machismo and violence. discrimination,” he said. The minister has been introduced by María Naredo, jurist and adviser to the Secretary of State for Equality and against Gender Violence.

The head of Equality has also called for an end to “patriarchal justice”, which she has defined as “an obstacle to women’s access to the guarantee of all their rights”. And he has criticized that the judicial systems and legal systems, on many occasions, continue to be “blind” to “the structural inequality that exists between men and women that subordinates more than half of the population, privileging the male position.”