Monday, December 5

The deception of the “About us” pages on many websites | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the fixed sections in all website throughout history is the famous About Us or About Us or Who we arewhich indicates the composition of a company and the positions of its members.

However, the information you are reading in those lines, and the photos and biographies of the people, may not be real, since an Insider report indicates that many companies they are using AI to fill in those gaps.

As journalist Evan Ratliff explains for Insider, he contacted companies that confirmed to him that they used photos of people who don’t exist on their websites, posing as employees. “It sends the right message that it’s a great company working with professionals,” says Lukas, who runs an Austrian test preparation company called takeIELTS.

Interestingly, Ratliff recounts in his article that he noticed several anomalies among the “employees.” For example, an AI-generated person had one side of his face more shaven than the other. The journalist also points out that some companies want to “project a level of diversity”, as well as pretend that the company has more staff than it actually has.

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