Wednesday, August 4

The defendants for the process present to the Court of Accounts the Government’s endorsement for the guarantees of 5.4 million

29 of the 34 former leaders and officials of the Government prosecuted for the external expenses of the procés have begun to formalize this Thursday before the Court of Auditors the guarantee that the Government has finally provided them to cover the guarantees worth 5.4 million euros that imposed on them by the supervisory body. The presentation of the guarantees of the Institut Català de Finances (ICF) is carried out electronically, while the original documentation has been sent to Madrid by express mail.

The guarantees of the Court of Accounts: 2.9 million to Mas and Mas-Colell and almost two million to Junqueras and Puigdemont

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After a tug of war between Junts per Catalunya and ERC, the Government rectified its initial plan and this Wednesday announced that the ICF, the public bank of the Generalitat designed theoretically for business credit, would assume the guarantee to the leaders accused of foreign spending of the procés, among them the ex-presidents Artur Mas and Carles Puigdemont, the ex-vice president Oriol Junqueras or the ex-councilors Andreu Mas-Colell and Raül Romeva.

After their board of directors approved them late in the afternoon on Wednesday, the ICF formalized the guarantees this Thursday morning before a notary public, a step prior to the defendants’ defenses being able to present them to the Court of Accounts. These are individual guarantees for each defendant- Although the deadline set by the Court of Accounts for the bonds expired last midnight, the defendants have not been able to present the guarantees until this morning, electronically, since the ICF had not initiated the procedures to formalize them.

In parallel, the defendants have sent the guarantees by express courier to the Court of Accounts, with the intention that the original documentation may be presented at 9:00 this Friday. Of the 34 exalted positions that are required to deposit a bond, four have ruled out resorting to the Fund created by the Government and have chosen to pay the amounts claimed or insure them by presenting real estate as personal guarantee.

The Court of Auditors must now decide whether to accept the guarantees of the ICF to guarantee the bonds of the defendants who have availed themselves of the fund. However, the defenses of the defendant ex-leaders continue to work on a plan B in the event that the Government’s guarantees are rejected, which involves presenting assets and assets of each defendant as security. Artur Mas already warned this Wednesday of the “extremely high probability” that the Court of Auditors would reject the ICF guarantees given that the public bank belongs to the Generalitat.

In parallel, sovereign parties and entities continue with calls to fill the Solidarity Fund, which until this Thursday had raised around one million euros, insufficient for now to cover the total of 5.4 million euros that the Court of Tales claims in solidarity with the 34 defendants.

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