Wednesday, May 18

The definitive end of Rodizio Costanera: it will be demolished

Faced with the crisis, the workers took over the place and tried to keep it open. But the pandemic dealt him a fatal blow. Now, with no roads to take, it will be demolished.

But also now in the area will be the Young District, an area of ​​bowling alleys, gastronomic establishments and recreation areas in the strip between Costa Salguero and Parque de la Memoria. Right in front of that park was the Los Platitos grill, which has already begun to be dismantled for the same reason, after its eviction in May of last year.

The new dealers just entered the property a week ago. They have not yet processed a demolition permit, so there is no start date for the reforms either. Once this process is completed, the company will begin to exploit it and, consequently, pay the monthly canon of $870,000 for a term of ten years.

This is space 1 of sector 2 “Young District”, for which only El Poleso submitted an offer. The award includes the design, construction, maintenance, use and exploitation of that area, located in section 23, block 169. On that same plot there are other gastronomic establishments, including Gardiner and Tequila. The nearby Siga La Vaca grill has already been closed.