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The DeLorean could return with an electric powertrain | Digital Trends Spanish

The rumors of return of the DMC DeLorean they’ve come and gone since 2016, when there was first talk of building 300 units of the stainless-steel, gull-winged sports car.

The manufacturer is a company Texas that had purchased the inventory of parts and tools left behind after the bankruptcy of the Delorean Motor Company. As a result of litigation brought by the widow John DeLorean, the founder of the original company, the Texas manufacturer acquired the rights to use the brand and name of the vehicle, and claimed its right to be called DeLorean Motor Company.

The original plan was to build 50 units a year for six years starting in 2017. With such a low production volume and the high profile of the DeLorean after his appearance as the time machine in the movies Back to the Future (1985-1990), the success of the company seemed to be guaranteed.

However, after five years of delay, the company finally gives a new sign of life. Not only through its own website, but also through Italdesign, the Italian automotive design firm founded by master Giorgetto Guigiaro, who created the original DeLorean design in the mid-1970s.

Unfortunately, all that is shown for now by both the DeLorean Motor Company and Italdesign is a video in which you can see some lines of the vehicle, and in which its gullwing-style doors are clearly distinguished. It also seems that the design of the vehicle has been altered with smoother lines, but it is something that will not be known for sure until we see the complete vehicle.

Except for a terse statement about being on the verge of embarking on a “journey to electrification,” hinting at the possibility of an electric powertrain, DeLorean Motor Company doesn’t give any specifics about the model, though it does promise to show it off later this year. . there is even a format on your website where interested people can register to receive updates about the project.

DMC DeLorean 1981.

In January 2021, Italdesign had shown a very similar image in which the illuminated DMC emblem was clearly visible in its original position in the center of the dash. In the new commemorative video, this is conspicuous by its absence.

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