Friday, May 20

The deputies expelled from UPN form a platform and do not rule out running for future elections

The two Navarrese deputies Sergio Sayas and Carlos García Adanero confirmed this Friday their split from the Unión del Pueblo Navarro (UPN), a party from which they were suspended for two and a half years after having lied to the management and voting against the labor reform despite because the president of the regionalists, Javier Esparza, had agreed with the PSOE that he would support it. Sayas and Adanero have announced the creation of a “civic platform” to which they have not yet given a name to “channel” people who reject UPN’s rapprochement with the PSOE.

UPN confirms the suspension of militancy of Sayas and Adanero for two and a half years

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The two deputies have assured that this platform “is not a political party”, although they have left the door open to the possibility of standing for election in the future. “The objective is to change governments”, pointed out Carlos García Adanero, who added that “when the elections come, there will surely be formulas that allow it”.

As they have detailed, the platform already has 631 supporters “from 62 different locations” among which are people who are affiliated with UPN, people who have unsubscribed in recent weeks from the regionalist formation and people who “have never been affiliated with UPN”. “It is a platform that was born without tolls and with no more ties than the defense of Navarra”, Sergio Sayas solemnized. If the number of endorsements is confirmed, the platform would have more support than some parties that are represented in the Parliament and the Government of Navarra (the PNV – integrated within the Geroa Bai coalition – has more than 300 members in the regional community ).

Sayas and Adanero have presented themselves as “an alternative” to the government of the socialist María Chivite and have assured that their “adversaries” are not other center-right parties, but “sanchismo”. “Until two weeks ago our idea was to continue at UPN, but they didn’t let us by expelling us,” said Carlos García Adanero.

The two deputies have reiterated that they will continue in Congress within Navarra Suma (a coalition of UPN, PP and Ciudadanos) “defending the ideas of the Navarre center-right.”