Saturday, September 30

The deputy Míriam Nogueras and the ex-minister Jaume Giró will compete to be the Junts candidate for the general elections

Junts will be forced to hold primaries to choose their candidate for the general elections on July 23. The internal election will once again face the two souls of the formation, the supporter of the independence confrontation, represented by the current leader in Congress, Míriam Nogueras, and the one who demands a return to the origins of the old Convergència, personified in the Former Minister Jaume Giró.

Giró has verbalized this Monday during the party executive that he wants to run in the primaries to choose the candidate for the general elections, reports the Agència Catalana de Notícies (ACN). Hours before, Nogueras had received the support of Carles Puigdemont, who has anointed her on Twitter as her candidate.

Current head of the Junts delegation in Congress, Nogueras was number two on the Junts list headed by Laura Borràs in 2019. Without an organic past in Convergència and a businesswoman by profession, Nogueras joined convergent lists as an independent, but did not join the party until Carles Puigdemont created Junts after his departure from the Generalitat. Today she is considered a woman close to both the former president and the general secretary, Jordi Turull.

Jaume Giró was the surprise of Junts in the Government of Pere Aragonès. After a lifetime in large companies, first as head of communication for Repsol and Gas Natural and later as CEO of the La Caixa banking foundation, Giró entered institutional politics. He was one of the supporters of continuing in the Aragonès Executive but his position was defeated in the internal vote that decided the departure of Junts from the Government last fall.

The primaries that Junts is expected to hold will be a new example of the internal battle between those in favor of prioritizing management and those who bet on a return to confrontation with the State. The latter, led by Laura Borràs, convicted of corruption, prevailed with the departure of the Government, but they have seen how the commitment to pragmatic candidates such as Xavier Trias was the winner in the municipal elections against the mayors favorable to the party president.

Apart from the internal debate, the general secretary of Junts, Jordi Turull, has proposed this Monday to the pro-independence forces to run with a unitary list for the general elections. A proposal, Turull has said, necessary to “restart and remobilize” the independence movement after the falls of Junts, the CUP and, especially, ERC, in the municipal elections this Sunday.

However, Turull’s offer must also be read precisely in the internal key of confrontation between pro-independence parties, given the more than foreseeable refusal of ERC to the joint list. The Republicans, who were scalded from the previous single list of independence, have already confirmed Gabriel Rufián as a candidate.