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The detainee for trying to shoot Cristina Fernández: a 35-year-old Brazilian man, critical of the Argentine government

The man arrested near the house of the vice president Cristina Kirchner After trying to shoot him, he is of Brazilian nationality, he is 35 years old and has a history of carrying weapons.

Shock: they arrest a man who triggered a weapon against Cristina Fernández

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This is Fernando André Sabag Montiel, a man who was arrested after 9:00 p.m. at the door of the Argentine vice president’s home after trying to shoot him from a short distance. According to police sources, the detainee has a history of carrying a knife in 2021.

On his Instagram account, Sabag defines himself as a “Christian” and has 853 followers. In a publication you can see a video of Crónica TV from last July 29. There he appears interviewed by the channel that conducts a street survey in Tigre to consult the opinion on the arrival of Sergio Massa to the Ministry of Economy of Argentina. Sabag is intercepted leaving the cinema: “Not Massa, not with sticks, not Cristina or Milei,” he replies.

Sabag Montiel himself wrote, when uploading the video: “I appeared on Crónica TV criticizing the Government and Sergio Massa. On top of that, the journalists congratulated me saying that I know about politics, they told me that I have to be a notary (…) Neither Milei nor Cristina, “he wrote.

Previous incident with a knife

The man of Brazilian nationality arrested for attempting to attack Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner had a police record from March of last year, when he was arrested in the Agronomy neighborhood inside a car without license plates and with a 35-centimeter-long knife. Police sources reported.

Police officers seized a car that seemed suspicious to them because the rear license plate had almost fallen off. This man explained to the uniformed officers that this event occurred because he had been involved in a crash and when he opened the door of the vehicle to deliver the documentation, a 35-centimeter-long knife fell out, indicating that he was using it to defend himself.

The police record system reported that he did not have any restrictive impediment. The policemen consulted with the Contraventional Prosecutor’s Office number 8, which upon learning of these facts made an act for “Infringement of Article 90” and ordered that the Police take a photo of him and seize the knife, in addition to an expert report for this citizen.

Personal information

Business records show that Sapag Montiel is registered as dedicated to the “non-regular urban and suburban motor vehicle transport service of free offer, except through taxis and remises, car rental with driver and school transport (includes special urban services such as charters, contracted services”, which would confirm the version of which would be usual driver of a transportation app.

His nationality is Brazilian. The identity and ID information of the attacker was confirmed by the Federal Police in a recently released police report.