Thursday, December 8

The difficult task of putting a judge in jail

Luckily criminals do than a bad judge

Francisco de Quevedo

Are the Canarian judges going to be able to put their ex-partner Salvador Alba in prison? Now that he likes to follow the serials so much, is it possible that after almost a year with a final sentence this man enters prison to serve the six and a half years to which he has been sentenced for prevarication and corruption? The penultimate episode of this season is disheartening as the previous ones. The police showed up at the house of the aforementioned on Thursday with a piece of paper that gave him 24 hours to enter voluntarily and, of course, on Friday at 5:35 p.m., Canarian time, one more hour on the peninsula, he still did not show up at a prison. They comment in the newspapers that on Monday, when they return from the weekend, the executors will put an indictment so that the police forces look for him and take him by force to jail. Can you imagine him leaving? I say this because, after warning and leaving time in between, he could pass. That is the reason why, if you or I or Rita la Cantaora were in the same situation, we would have already slept in the trena on Friday. What do I say on Friday! It would have been a year since we’d been going to the bag store for things!

Judge and execute the judged. The first task is full of obstacles, especially when trying to investigate alleged crimes committed by a judge. I take this opportunity to tell you that we still do not know anything about what measures have been taken with the more than strange free dismissal of the Russian mafia case by the Benidorm judge Elena Zabalza and, of course, without news of the judicialization of the report that the Prosecutor’s Office has Anti-corruption about his partner Mariluz Jiménez Zafrilla, whom they accuse of having tipped off the mobsters. Judge Salvador Alba had no more nostrils than to carry it forward because there was a recording, made in his office, in which he made it clear that he intended to remove a Canarian businessman from a criminal case if he sought papers for him -true or fictitious- with those who seek the ruin of Judge Rosell, then a deputy. “I credit it, we do it like this, we take it to the procedure and then we start the machinery,” Alba could be heard saying in a “blushing” conversation with the Supreme Court prosecutor. Blush! Not even in the adjectives do they load the inks. Vomit is what causes a judge to be corrupted to obtain political favors in his professional career. It is not difficult to ensure that without that recording made and provided by the businessman, Judge Alba would continue in his position or who knows if in one of the largest in Madrid, as was his wish.

If you are given a term to enter prison and you do not do it, a court immediately plans to search and capture you. There is no judge who warns you through the press that he is going to do it around the weekend and stay so calm. Except in this case. There are many “except” in the execution of the final judgment of the Supreme Court in the case of Salvador Alba. And also many broken records. It could serve to follow a course of twisted procedural in any university. Not in vain, Alba’s lawyer, Nicolás González-Cuéllar, the PP’s candidate for the Constitutional Court, wrote together with Manuel Marchena a manual on the interpretation of the latest reform of Spanish procedural law. He knows it by heart and in this case he has even used the credit titles on the back cover. I told it in The Toga Clan.

Some delays are like a desperate lawyer: challenge even the courtroom cat, challenge those who see the challenge, challenge the person who changes the water bottles in the court, request the annulment of proceedings, request the suspension of the sentence until pardon is seen, etc. Others, however, have been true procedural delirium. In February he claimed that it was impossible for Alba to enter prison because he had medical problems that prevented him from traveling by plane. The thing was elaborate. The authorities that have prosecuted crimes and must in turn enter prison do so in differentiated modules – to prevent their former clients from taking revenge – and these are found in Seville, Castellón, Lugo and Logroño, on the peninsula. So, being unable to fly, he could not enter. Tell me if you have heard a more imaginative procedural argument, not to mention that González-Cuellar forgot that ships exist. He left aside the fact that two doctors from a private clinic had the nerve to sign that curious health exemption that was completely knocked down by the forensic doctors (whom he also recused himself from).

The last challenge to the president of the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands -in charge of executing- took place due to the fact that he had answered in a parliamentary commission the question of a UP spokesman about, precisely, the delays in this admission. In that commission, Lorenzo Bragado specifically affirmed that Judge Alba had not been given “differentiated or privileged treatment”, since the term for admission expired on February 16 and that until March he was not even expelled from the judicial career. “We are having a scrupulous respect for the procedural rules,” he concluded. Scrupulous and slow. To give you an example, the Special Recusal Chamber dismissed the one made by Alba to Lorenzo Bragado himself, in an order dated July 28, and it was not until October 13 that the Secretary of the Government of the TSJC sent a letter to this to communicate the testimony of the same saying that it had not been accepted. It is worth that August is unworking, but it seems a bit silly to wait 45 days to do it. By doing it so late and on a Thursday, the 24-year term ended on a Friday, with the weekend magistrates. And so everything.

Alba has been on the beach all this time, with his wife, who is a lawyer for the Administration of Justice in office in the Canary Islands. The same office as the Secretary of the Government of the delay, who is his boss, you see. Beware of those who, acting as brothers-in-law, are going to tell me now that I defended that Zaplana was. I still do. Zaplana was a preventive prisoner and has a very real and fucked-up disease. They’re going to judge him now. When they condemn him, we talk. The thing about Salvador Alba is a farce of a convicted person who committed a crime to favor certain political forces and harm others. All those forces continue to operate. Refresh it if you want in Judicial Shit Splatter.

Scrupulous with the Law, with everyone. Pretending to be fools trying to make us believe that all these moves and delays occur with each order of admission to prison, well no. Scrupulous to execute what is judged also with the judge, especially with him.

The season of this distressing series of purely Spanish bill should end this Monday. Keep an eye on your screens, in case you still confuse the outcome. Who will be the judge to enchirone the judge? With fists instead of bells.