Tuesday, March 21

The director of Highways of the Government of Murcia arrested for a corruption plot in the Sangonera prison

The Civil Guard has arrested the director general of Highways of the Murcian Government, José Antonio Fernández Lladó, within the operation that has dismantled a corruption plot in the Sangonera prison, sources close to the investigation have told elDiario.es. On Monday, the agents had arrested the chief of service of the aforementioned prison for his alleged participation in a network of payments by prisoners to officials to enjoy privileges in the center that are prohibited to inmates, such as celebrating parties or ‘face to face’ with prostitutes.

In this second phase of arrests, an official from the Alguazas City Council has also been arrested, a town where he was mayor of the Fernández Lladó Popular Party until 2015, the date on which he was appointed Director General of Roads by the Government of the Region.

The operation accumulates at least five arrests because on Monday a second official from the Sangonera La Verde prison and another person outside the prison administration, a position of the Tax Administration in its Murcia delegation, were arrested.

The Efe agency reported that the operation is a consequence of the complaints filed with the Prosecutor’s Office by the prisoners themselves who bribed the officials and who later did not see the agreement they had reached with them satisfied. Among the privileges that they were going to enjoy was also that of accessing a different menu from that of the rest of the inmates.