Thursday, September 16

The director of Puigdemont’s office traveled to Moscow in 2019 to meet with Russian authorities

The director of the office of former president Carles Puigdemont, Josep Lluís Alay, traveled to Moscow in 2019 to meet with Russian authorities, former members of the Kremlin intelligence service and “the grandson of an important spy”, as published this Friday ‘The New York Times‘citing a report from the Civil Guard. This document states that Alay was seeking Russia’s support for the independence movement. Both Alay and Puigdemont have confirmed this trip, but they tell the New York newspaper that “it is part of regular contacts with foreign authorities and journalists” and deny that they sought Moscow’s support.

Alay is being investigated by a Barcelona court in the ‘Volhov’ case for an alleged scheme of irregular financing of the process.

The New York newspaper frames these contacts between the Catalan independence movement and Russia in the foreign interference of the Kremlin, which in recent years has supported destabilizing and far-right movements in different countries of Europe and North America.

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